Hajime Kinoko & Asagi Ageha in Culture X

I have a real love-hate relationship with this video. On the one hand, it does some things right, such as referring to to the “art” as kinbaku, and linking the “rope culture” of Japan to the practice. On the other hand, starting from the Ubiquitous Zen Flute Riff when they show the “happy, sunny” Japan,[…]

Discovering New Limits at Midori’s Rope Dojo

I’m going to be processing the experience of Midori’s Rope Dojo for quite some time – pages of notes in my moleskine, variations on ties I’ve been using for years as well as new ties I’ve never thought of uses for (dildo harness, here we cum…). There was also the transcendent beauty and power of[…]

For the Unconference Skeptics…

I just finished reading Harrison Owen’s book “Open Space Technology” in preparation for a facilitator’s training conference I’m going to in a week (want to help me get there? Donations happily accepted!). It’s a fun and easy read, and if you’ve been to a GrUE, you’ll find yourself nodding over and over again, saying “Yep,[…]

A Smorgasbord of Smut for Your Senses

Not a lot of high-falutin’ philosophy this time around, but rather, a selection of music, video, and image to delight your kinky senses. Step right up, gentlemen make way for the ladies*, all for the cost of a click (or a donation, as you’ll see there on your right) you too can revel in the[…]

Adventures in Rope: The Rope Bomb NYC

On the 18th of October, the Rope Bomb Squad # 22402 invited me along for their Knotty Flash Mob romp through Central Park. My friends Storii and Parker met up with me in Manhattan and we joined the rest of the group of about 20 people just outside of Central Park. Murphy Blue, the leader,[…]

Feedback on Graydancer’s Classes

“Easy, fast, and useful ties, as advertised. Exceeded expectations. Even people in the back were able to see. Gray demonstrated multiple times so that everyone could see what and how he was tying. Nice, loud speaker that didn’t mess around. Yay!” – Shibaricon 2010 Attendee on Graydancer’s “Tie ‘Em Up & Fuck ‘Em” class That[…]

Tying New York

It’s my last morning of a truly epic trip here in NYC. The community of sex bloggers, event organizers, kinksters, artists, sexologists, and more have been open and welcoming like you would not believe. Right now I’m spending my last morning at DGSolar & Violet‘s apartment in Brooklyn, after a pleasant evening talking about their[…]