The Magic Money Tree

From a commenter from Fetlife on my “How to (Almost) Not Go Broke as a Kink Presenter as a Kink Presenter “: Unfortunately, there is no magic money tree for kink conventions (or no one is sharing it), so organizers constantly have to (or at least should attempt to) balance accessibility, costs, and fair compensation. This creates a system[…]

A wall with classes for the Los Angeles GRUE 3

Five Reasons NOT to GRUE

Recently a friend who was considering running a GRUE wrote me apologizing because he’d decided not to do it after all. There was no apology necessary – the GRUE is about doing what you’re passionate about, after all, so obviously if you don’t want to do it, you shouldn’t. It made me realize that perhaps I should issue some warning labels of sorts for people who are considering a GRUE in their town.


San Francisco GRUE Looms on the Horizon!

It’s getting back to time to get your GRUE on in the Bay! For the second time in a year, I’ll be running my kinky unconference format Open Space in San Francisco November 1-3. The biggest message I want to get out is this: IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT ROPE. Apparently the top reason people don’t come[…]

For the Unconference Skeptics…

I just finished reading Harrison Owen’s book “Open Space Technology” in preparation for a facilitator’s training conference I’m going to in a week (want to help me get there? Donations happily accepted!). It’s a fun and easy read, and if you’ve been to a GrUE, you’ll find yourself nodding over and over again, saying “Yep,[…]