Rope, Cancer, & Long Term Relationships

This episode starts with some information about a fundraiser for MetroVancouverKink, ( ) but then gets really personal: “Adaptive Rope.” That’s the term Lisa (Tame Lioness) and her partner T call what they do. He is living with cancer, and it has changed how they do rope – but not what it does for them[…]

Interview with Phoenix42 Creator _Zaphod_

Back in the interview chair, Gray takes you to the Arizona scene for an interview with _Zaphod_, owner and creator of Phoenix42 Creations ( ). They talk about “being a rope guy”, Taoist philosophy, creating consent with partners, how to create a more inclusive community, and more. This episode was brought to you courtesy of[…]


On May 26th, 2019 in Chicago Illinois at ROPECRAFT six artists-in-residence ( Marceline VQ, Mr. Beck, The ArtistFromBeyond, Corinne, Stressykitty, and Jazzibel) met for a panel moderated by Graydancer. They explored a lot of topics, and agreed to have them shared here on the podcast! Comments? Questions? Contact New Episode of Graydancer’s Podcast about[…]

Lasercuts & Lithophanes, oh my!

Lasercuts & Lithophanes, oh my!

Today was a good lesson in “almost perfect.” Everything I did was almost a complete success…but it all has room for improvement. For example, the edges of this could be more rounded: And this attempt at an intaglio press plate printed backward and too thick: It’s resting on a phone stand I lasercut perfectly (on[…]