Ritual and Rope

“Mindfulness”, “Awareness”, “Connection” ? these are all words that are used a lot in the rope bondage community. This class goes beyond the buzzwords and into practical ways that your rope scenes can be hotter, safer, and taken “next level” (wherever that is for you). Combining Naiia’s woo with Graydancer’s skepticism the class includes meditation[…]

Lessons learned from listening to POC and: Coming Out of a Slump

Closing out the year, Gray talks about some hard lessons learned during POC Listening Sessions. Then he answers a listener question: how do you get out of a slump when you’re tying? This podcast is sponsored by http://TwistedMonk.com and http://LeeAllure.com Please visit their sites and let them know you appreciate their help! You can also[…]

Please, Sir, May I have another? Part 2

In part two of this class, Dr. Eaves and Graydancer talk more about how to manage power exchange and polyamory in the day-to-day and even to the hopefully-not-so-bitter end. This podcast was sponsored in part by http://TwistedMonk.com and http://SpiralEyeSoap.com Please let them know you appreciate their help! You can be a supporter to via http://patreon.com/graydancer […]

“Please, Sir, May I Have Another?”: Poly & Power Exchange (part 1)

Both polyamory and power exchange relationships have complexities that can be wonderful, frustrating, or even both at the same time. In this class Dr. Eaves and Graydancer ? two people who are enthusiastic about poly, D/s, and each other ? will talk about some of the tools to manage these kinds of relationships in nurturing[…]

VoxBody Studio! And Anal Sex as a Metaphor for…Consent?

Gray interviews Victoria Blue from her studio ( http://voxbody.com ) talking about how a rope space is created. Then Naiia joins him as they tackle the difficult subject of consent from “the other end” – combining it with a primer for anal sex play to talk about negotiation, lube, and other important ideas for sexual creatures.[…]