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September 18, 2009

I happen to believe that you take the best notes yourself- and far too many handouts either don’t have the things you want to remember, or they don’t have the things that you, in particular, need to remember.

That being said, people like handouts. So, here are some of the handouts from my classes that I’ve created. Feel free to print them share them, whatever – I would just appreciate it if you would not pretend like they are yours. Or at least let me know if you are, so I can come watch.

I’ve also given two powerpoint presentations at the Leather Leadership Conference 14, and at their request I’ve put up the slides in PDF format. They are the raw presentation, and should not be construed as being a document in and of themselves; I will, at some point, record the presentations with the slides. Meanwhile, enjoy them as you like, and please feel free to ask any questions.

3 thoughts on “Class Handouts

  • Your class on Woo Woo WTF was bursting with info. Your point about handouts is well taken but it would have taken a lot of writing in the chemistry class. I’m very impressed how you got up and running on this subject. Love to have notes on line if you get a chance. I’m sure others would like it too. Gives us a lot more insight about what we’re playing with.



  • Salutations,
    I’m looking for the handout on Creative Protocols. Is it up yet and I’m missing it?
    Thank you ahead of time.

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