Dec 102014

Jason returned carrying a small flat wooden box with dark curling patterns carved into it. Jane was too weak to actually convulse any more and her body simply shivered in waves that trembled through the ropes that bound her, wrists and ankles, to Isabella. The larger woman was breathing with the deep and easy rhythm of sleep, her face a classic aquiline portrait calm over the top of Jane’s matted hair. The hemp ropes that bound them were a dark crimson, the color of blood, and they pulled the women’s limbs out into an X on the futon. Isabella’s skin looked ruddy and almost luminous in the ambient light of the room, in stark contrast to the pallid tone of Jane’s body. She was laying face down on Isabella, breath shallow and gasping. Her earlier brief moment of lucidity had been completely overcome by the shock of her ordeal. Blood still flowed from wounds in her nose, breast, and from between her legs, leaving scarlet trails across Isabella’s body and gradually staining the coverlet with dark red blood. As Jason opened the needle case he glanced worriedly at Patrick. “I don’t think that bleeding is slowing down for any good […]

KUMIR, Chapter 22: Needles and Light
Dec 032014

Reposted from my Fetlife Writing of the same name. Recently I read an excellent article about the author Ursula K. Leguin. She spoke of “five principal elements,” which must “work in one insoluble unitary movement” in order to produce great writing. Quote: The patterns of the language — the sounds of words. The patterns of syntax and grammar; the way the words and sentences connect themselves together; the ways their connections interconnect to form the larger units (paragraphs, sections, chapters); hence the movement of the work, its tempo, pace, gait, and shape in time. The patterns of the images: what the words make us or let us see with the mind’s eye or sense imaginatively. The patterns of the ideas: what the words and the narration of events make us understand, or use our understanding upon. The patterns of the feelings: what the words and the narration, by using all the above means, make us experience emotionally or spiritually, in areas of our being not directly accessible to or expressible in words. Since my thoughts tend towards the rope arts, I couldn’t help but see some parallels in what people talk about as being “kokoro”, “kinbaku”, or “really fucking awesome […]

Towards an Inclusive View of Rope Bondage
Nov 212014

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Nov 182014

Jane snored softly, head in Isabella’s lap as the redhead calmly watched the goat eating. When the door clicked open Isabella looked up, still calm, only mildly curious, a soft smile on her face as a black-gloved hand edged around the opening. It was followed by a man in black fatigues and a military harness strapped over his broad chest. He wore a black bandana tight over his scalp and his face was smeared black with camo paint over and under his neatly trimmed beard. He crept into the room silently and efficiently, closing the door behind him. Putting an ear to the wood he listened for a moment, then glanced up at the cameras in the corners to verify their lights were out. He gave a grim nod and turned towards the two women. He spoke into a small microphone strapped his shoulder. “Alec, this is Patrick. I’m in the room, video is confirmed disabled, I’m – holy shit!” His eyes widened as realized he was standing in a pool of blood. Beecee’s head was inches away from the edge of the man’s boot, eyes frozen wide with the shock of his unexpected death. The crimson pool was mottled […]

KUMIR: Chapter 21 - Enter the Qadish
Oct 212014

Editor’s note: As noted earlier, this is a novel about bad people doing bad things. This chapter gets extremely dark, and trigger warning for nonconsensual scenes of torture and sexual assault. Because this is about the villains, folks, and they are Bad People. Proceed at your own risk. Jane came awake slowly, her head filled with a dull roaring tide of pain left over from the chokehold. She was laying naked on her side on what felt like a cement floor. She listened without opening her eyes, trying to orient herself. She couldn’t feel any bonds on her body or limbs. There were no street sounds, and as far as she could tell she was alone, wherever she was. Cracking one eye, she saw the corner of a frosted window high up in the wall letting a dirty gleam of daylight into the room through chain link barricades covering the frame. She moved ever-so-slightly and realized that what she’d mistaken for freedom was actually her hands and arms numb in the tight ropes binding them. She didn’t try moving her hands – couldn’t feel them anyway – but instead shifted her shoulders with her breath, trying to gauge the range of […]

Oct 102014

I’ve been pretty active on twitter pretty much since it came out, and unlike many people who find it annoying, I’ve found it pretty useful. I use it as a means of communication with friends both in public and in private, as an occasional soapbox, as a job lead engine, a publicity model, and sometimes as a really silly place to riff on various ideas (such as #KinkMadeBetterWithSharks and the like). This Tuesday (the 14th of October) I’m using it for something else: my first Sex Talk Tuesday (#SexTalkTuesday) chat! These are put on by the folks over at, and they asked me if I would consider hosting for them. It’s like the grand tradition of inspirational fireside chats that Roosevelt used to pep up Americans during the Great Depression – except instead of talking about New Deals we’ll be talking about kink and sex! And I’ll likely have a cigar, rather than a cigarette in a fancy holder. What kind of things will we chat about? C’mon, it’s twitter, you know better than to ask that. I have come up with some questions that may spur the conversation, but I really don’t know what will happen. That’s the […]

Join me 10/14 for #SexTalkTuesday!
Oct 012014

Padre Innocente looked over his empty chapel as the time for the exchange approached. Tall columns loomed over rows of empty pews cut by the diagonal rays of the setting sun slanting through the rose window. The glowing shafts of red, green, and blue speckled the rich dark wood and red velvet of the seats. A large and bloody figure of Christ crucified dominate the wall behind the priest, but he hardly gave it a thought. Like the altar before him, that symbol had long ago stopped having any spiritual significance. As he looked down at the altar, he felt again the physical urges sweep through him, and his face wrinkled slightly as he fought them. It was no use, though, and images of her on the altar – the way he wanted to – if only she’d… His breathing hissed through tight lips as he fought against the lust that invaded his mind. Abruptly his face cleared. He might not serve the church any longer, but that simply meant a different master. While the relationship wasn’t giving him everything he wanted right now, the promise rewards were always tantalizingly close. Also, he reflected with a touch of fear, the […]

KUMIR, Chapter 19: The Bloody Sunset
Sep 182014

Right now I’m at the start of a couple of months of active traveling around the U.S. and Canada. At the same time I’ve been lucky enough to host Hishi Karo of the Shibari Dojo Vienna for a week in my home, which led to many interesting conversations about the differences in various countries. I also have a good friend about to embark on a kink tour of Australia, for which I’m envious about everything except the spiders. Seems like a good time for a “top ten” list of travel lessons, most learned the hard way. Learn the Art of Waiting. Delay is a traveler’s companion; whether it’s a bus or a visa or another delayed flight, figure out how to wait gracefully. Sitting and being angry won’t make things any faster, so whether it’s meditation or an audiobook or writing smut in you notebook, you need to cultivate the ability (in the words of Chase Blackwood) of turning the Gates of Boredom into the Shrine of Patience. Know where you’re going and who you’re staying with. That sinking feeling when the border agent says “ Who are you staying with? ” and you realize that “Cocksucking Smutkitten” is probably not her […]

Travel Tips for the International Kinkster
Sep 062014

“She has what?” Michael shouted into Jane’s face. Theo stood next to the desk looking worriedly at his brother while BeeCee lurked behind his boss glaring at her. His forehead was still bandaged where her whip had marked him. In the corner of the office Tony lay in a pool of his own blood. He was breathing raggedly, bound tight with some rough manila rope. Jane kept her voice low and calm. “As best I can tell, she has footage of Theo helping Ksenja and the other Russian whores out of the truck. She said that the DA gets it unless Tony comes back unharmed.” Theo laughed harshly. “Unharmed?” He gestured towards Tony’s limp body in the corner. Jane sighed. “Yeah, I told her that really wasn’t an option. But I downplayed it – told her he’d gotten a little roughed up but he’d be fine.” She looked earnestly at Michael. “I told her she should take what she could get. She said she just wants things back the way they were.” Jane paused, trying to guage Michael’s reaction, but the gang leader just kept the same frown and angry glare. Jane gave a little shrug. “I think we could […]

KUMIR, Chapter 18: The Mouth of the Messenger
Sep 032014

“Patrick?” “Yo, Jason. What’s shakin’, mon frere.?” “I’m still on the trail of the damned thing. There’s been a complication, though.” “So I heard. A complication named Jane. If even half the rumors are true, she’s quite a handful. You think she’s hunting it too?” “Not sure. Maybe. Could be she’s just trying to make some money, fast.” “Let me know if you need your big brother. Even though it’s not my normal gig – I’m more the guy who swoops in and rescues the dude or damsel from off the tracks.” “Yeah, but then you keep forgetting to untie them.” “True, but hey, guy can’t think of everything. You got the brains, I’m stuck with the looks. It should be noted that those hypothetical dudes and damsels never complain.” “True enough. Anyway, Jane isn’t what I’d call a damsel…but I worry she’s headed for trouble.” “Not sure that’s our circus or our monkeys, brother mine. She’s not a sex mage, right? Just a hot lil’ switch with some manic pixie whip skills.” “No, I don’t think she’s one of us, but…” “But?” “She’s more than your average sex worker. Or your above-average one, for that matter.” “Still not under […]