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About Graydancer

The Original Ninja Sex Poodle and Ronin of Love
"Everything should be rooted in passion and connection."

Gray Miller, aka "Graydancer", has been teaching, performing, and advocating for kink and BDSM for over a decade.

His work as a professional writer and web content developer can be found all over the world, including the "Ropecast" - the longest-running kink podcast on the web. Gray's cigar & leather play was featured on "Our America with Lisa Ling" on the Oprah Network. Over 50 of his "GRUE" Open Space events have occurred in five countries.

Gray is passionate about subjects such as rope, power exchange, leather, cigars, consent in the community, performance, and the educational aspects of kink.


    Practice & theory for all audiences.

  • Public Speaking

    Keynotes, inspiration, and informatics


    Podcaster, writer, interviewer.


    Open-Space and Traditional Cons

My Colleagues

These are some of the amazing people I've worked with:
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Partner and Co-Presenter
Naiia and I have enjoyed a D/s relationship for over six years. We’ve developed a curriculum for power exchange, rope, and sex techniques that has been well received by many audiences across the U.S. She also presents solo!
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Colleague and Teacher
World-Renowned writer, educator, and artist, I was lucky enough to not only be taught by Midori but also to work with her as part of the Rope Dojo cadre. I have also performed with her and helped her create new media works.
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Performer, Ropenspace Facilitator
More than a teacher and fellow kink educator and performer, Murphy is one of my dearest friends. I have been inspired by him for years and am honored that he’s chosen to continue to spread Ropenspace.
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Presenter and Collaborator
An expert in rough body play and one of the best presenters I’ve ever met, Rough runs the “Rough Crowd” events in Chicago and around North America. It’s been my pleasure to co-present and enjoy his innovative style many times.


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