Feedback on Graydancer’s Classes

“Easy, fast, and useful ties, as advertised. Exceeded expectations. Even people in the back were able to see. Gray demonstrated multiple times so that everyone could see what and how he was tying. Nice, loud speaker that didn’t mess around. Yay!”

Shibaricon 2010 Attendee on Graydancer’s “Tie ‘Em Up & Fuck ‘Em” class

That is some of the nicest feedback I’ve ever gotten, and it’s probably why I keep getting asked to do this class again and again. Well, that and the high quality of model that I tend to have with me, such as Ten in this short demonstration we did at the Kink Academy Open House.

But while I could wax eloquently about why you should come to both this workshop and the other one, ShadowPlay (on October 20th) I think I will let another satisfied student do the talking for me. This is possibly the most validating and reinforcing class evaluation I’ve ever gotten, and I humbly present it for your perusal:

and for the record, that’s the one thing I’d like to change about the workshop, too.

Hope to see you there!

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