The Future of Sex & Social Change: By Any Dance Necessary

In the beginning of June Naiia and I are going to be co-facilitating part of a neat event at Fort Mason in San Francisco: THIS IS WHAT I WANT festival is hosting an Unconference on pleasure, lineage and sustainability. Join us in this peer led space to collectively explore vital ideas about our various practices[…]

Military Bondage Play in L.A.

I am bringing one of my favorite classes to L.A. for the first time, thanks to the Bordello of Decadence. Boot camp bondage, interrogation techniques, & more! Military bondage play draws from both fictional and practical methods of bondage with a more martial theme. Samurai, the US Cavalry, native Americans, special forces, Batman & Star[…]

Travel Tips for the International Kinkster

Right now I’m at the start of a couple of months of active traveling around the U.S. and Canada. At the same time I’ve been lucky enough to host Hishi Karo of the Shibari Dojo Vienna¬†for a week in my home, which led to many interesting conversations about the differences in various countries. I also[…]

How to (Almost) Not Go Broke As a Kink Presenter

In light of a recent fetlife writing about how presenters need to raise the bar of professionalism, I decided to finally flesh out this writing. It is based on a private email I wrote to a friend who asked me for some advice on how to not go broke as he presented to more events.[…]

Slutshaming for a Cause Still Sucks

Please note: this page contains sponsored links. I have a real problem with this video. The problem does not lie with the dancers – frankly, from a purely choreographical perspective, they are pretty good (especially if they are actually in shut-off booths – that’s hard!). Nor from the idea of subversive street art: from Banksy[…]