A Short Field Guide to the Insanely Hot

What follows is an actual conversation I had with a fellow rigger and dear friend. His/her name has been redacted to protect the not-quite-innocent:

"Hey, Sabrina Fox is in your "Rope Guy" article,
but not recognized on
the list with others - did you forget?"

“No, that’s Naiia in that pic!”

"Doh! Couldn't look closely at work.
I just remember being struck by the cigar burns
you gave Sabrina at Tryst of yore..."

At this point I thought he was referring to an incident during a cigar/rope scene where my bottom had moved in a direction I’d not expected and my cigar had touched her nipple, with unfortunate scene-ending results. That’s another story, but the gist is everybody walked away happy. I was, however, amused, because that wasn’t Sabrina OR Naiia:

Um, the cigar burn
was on Ava Amnesia…”

By this point we were really reaching the limits of communication-via-texting, but we plugged along valiantly trying to get to the bottom of this case of mistaken subdentity…

"I seem to remember three or four burns
across her back,
but I trust your memory
more than mine."

At this point it clicked, and I realized what he was talking about. My grin got a bit wider. These are happy, happy memories, and he was right: that WAS Sabrina Fox.

Sabrina's the inverted one. Yeah, I'm to blame for the bruises, too.

“OH! No, those were rug burns from vigorous pre-tryst scrogging in my living room.”

All of which just proves a few points:

  1. Riggers aren’t the only ones who are often mistaken for each other.
  2. Twisted Tryst is an insanely fun event for building a vast collection of wonderful memories.
  3. (Sabrina Fox/Ava Amnesia/Naiia) is really hot.
  4. I’m a pretty damn lucky guy.

And now, a pictorial field guide to Naiia, Ava, and Sabrina, in case you come across them* in the wild…

Naiia having a Grand Ol' Time

A Happy Ava in a GrUE Rope Harness

Preparing to Suspend Sabrina Fox

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