Naiia submits to Graydancer during a kinky cigar scene.

Power Exchange Intensive in Iowa

There’s one thing I forget about teaching at intensives: They’re intense. Naiia and I were going to be teaching eight classes- four together, four apart – over the course of two days at a private residence in Iowa. There were about 18 attendees, some couples and some single, all with one common interest: Power Exchange.[…]

Top Ten Reasons I’m Looking Forward to TES FEST

  They Aren’t Afraid to Try New Things: Last year TES approached me and asked if I could do an “Open Space” event there. My first response was the same as always: “Are you sure?” Open Spaces are strange critters when combined with “regular” conventions, and even when they go really well (such as the[…]

The Magic Money Tree

From a commenter from Fetlife on my “How to (Almost) Not Go Broke as a Kink Presenter as a Kink Presenter “: Unfortunately, there is no magic money tree for kink conventions (or no one is sharing it), so organizers constantly have to (or at least should attempt to) balance accessibility, costs, and fair compensation. This creates a system[…]

My Personal Concerns About Shibaricon

There have been an overwhelming number of people and organizations demanding to know the identity of a presenter referenced in the writing “Shibaricon Concerns.” This is somewhat frustrating, something akin to saying “The house is on fire!” and having people focus on knowing the exact color of the flame. At the same time, I have been[…]

This sparQ Brought to You By the Letter “P”

“Sure, I’m moving to Pittsburgh,” I told my friend. “But I’ll be heading back to Madison a lot.” “Uh huh. Sure. I’ll believe that when I see it!” she said skeptically, adding “…but I hope you do.” In a couple of weeks I’ll be doing just that – returning to the Bondage Capital of the[…]