A Rope Pride Flag?

Ropecast listener TopKai writes: I based the flag on the Royal Navy Ensign,  paying homage to the nautical traditions that the rope community draws on.  I put the Leather Pride Flag in the corner, to represent the link the rope community has to the leather community, and the heritage the rope community owes to the leather community.    The brown cross is the color of rope and invokes a[…]

Yummy Creamy Goodness from Canada

Ah, those Canadians…how I do love them. From the co-creator of my book Kumir to the Control Enthusiast to my bubbly, vivacious, friendly, and bane-of-my-ankle roommate from Sex 2.0, Alpine Subdreams. You may remember her from the Car theme with a toy car suspended from her labia. Now we have something else: a lovely rope-y[…]


First, a couple of pictures courtesy of Percival, RiggerJay, and BendyYogaGirl: Getting the theme? Of course the songs and bands of the same name would come to mind. In fact, that was NovemberLuvr‘s entry: We were going to submit an interpretation of Cream’s “Sunshine Of Your Love” for the current ropecast gift cert lottery. But[…]

Back From Beyond Leather & Into Car Bondage!!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, and there’s no slowing down. At Beyond Leather I taught what is probably the worst-delivered class of my life. I mean, when the subject is Military Style Bondage, and you forget to wear combat boots, it’s pretty much over. My apologies to those who sat through it, and[…]