Graydancer Recommends: Nicotine

The Sweet and Not-So-Innocent Nicotine

The Sweet and Not-So-Innocent Nicotine

You never know when you might be having an effect on people, you know? Let me take you back to an event…I believe it may have been Dark Odyssey WinterFire. I was sharing a room with friends including Lochai and Miss Calico. At one point we were all in the room, talking about stuff, and Lochai gets a phone call.

“Sure, come on up,” he says, giving the room number. There was a pause, and then he said,”No, I’m with a few friends…another model, Calico, and a rigger named Graydancer and his friend Naiia. We’re just hangin’ out, having pizza.”

And a few minutes later, Nicotine walked in.

Now, I might try some writerly trick and say something like “she was poised, beautiful, my eyes riveted onto her alabaster skin where it showed through the long slit in her armani dress as she seductively sauntered into the room.” But no, actually she was in jeans and a jacket, hair back in a ponytail, I think, and basically looked completely normal.

But there’s a power to normal. In fact, that’s how she got to trust Lochai. She heard that we were doing “normal” things up there in the room, so she felt ok coming up. When she got up there, Lochai, Naiia, and Calico and I all talked about normal stuff – not “ooh, baby, let me see you nekkid, yeah, that’s an ass I’d like to tie, mmm…yessss…my precioussss…” No, instead there was just chatting about the biz, about what she’d like to do, and a very cordial, friendly, and professional exchange. (Naiia says that she remembers at least one or two moments of Lochai lifting his kilt, but hey, that’s still professional. For him, anyway).

She was confident, and more self-assured than one would expect in someone as young as she is. And from what I hear from people who’ve worked with her, she’s exactly that: confident, professional, and cutting a beautiful swath through the fetish and kink and pinup world. You can see a lot of examples at her own site, but here’s some freebies, just cuz I like ya:

First, Lochai tells me that as a direct result of my being there and being nice when they first met, she agreed to come and do a bondage shoot on Hogtied with him and Miss Calico. I can speak from experience that working with Miss Calico is a joy and a pleasure in many ways, though when I did my TwoPlay: the Art of Making Out class with her this wasn’t exactly the kind of thing we did (note to self: re-write class curriculum).

Lochai basically giftwrapped Nicotine and let Calico go to town, in a variety of interesting ways, but as you can see he also had a hand in introducing Nicotine to

Lochai & Calico Getting a Nicotine Fix (click for videos)

They must have done something right, because she went on to enjoy shoots at other sites, such as Everything Butt. While I’m an afficionado of the practice of anal sex, I’m not a big porn consumer of it. However, there is something about the setting and Nicotine’s…well, I can’t say virginal, and I’m sure she’s tired of being compared to Bettie Page, but let’s just say there’s a wholesome, authentic aura to her explorations – sort of a “Hmm, this looks like fun…let’s see what it does!”

Nicotine enjoying the pleasures of Everything Butt

Nicotine enjoying the pleasures of Everything Butt

That’s one of the things about Nicotine – she has that thousand-watt smile, so that you have these extremes of the woman bound and clothespinned one minute, and smiling prettily the next. Here’s some pics from a Ken Marcus shoot:

You can see why Ken has said “”You are so good, it’s disgusting.” Others have commented on the fact that she requires the “least amount of PhotoShop work since Dita Von Teese.” Yes, that’s how people in the industry compliment each other…I don’t recommend you try it on your partner, though. Might not come off as well. I suspect that Nicotine appreciated it, though, since she lists Dita as one of her inspirations – along with Lucille Ball and Tank Girl.

That hair! That rope! Those breasts! and OH! That expression!

Of course, while she is a fantastic pinup, my own preferences tend to rope bondage, so I have saved what I consider the best for last: her work on Whipped Ass with Claire Adams. Aside from just showing a lot of great and hot ropework – such as this very pragmatic bondage for impact play, or this bondage for fucking. If you like wax play or anal hooks (or both!) this shoot definitely has something for you.

Now, I don’t know if I’m going to ever run into her again – but I do know that I’m glad I had some small part in her producing this kind of great content, and if you run into her at a Comic Convention or other event, tell her Graydancer says hi, willya?

Like normal folk do.

Love bringing cool people together. Yes, I do...

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