First, a couple of pictures courtesy of Percival, RiggerJay, and BendyYogaGirl:

Getting the theme? Of course the songs and bands of the same name would come to mind.

In fact, that was NovemberLuvr‘s entry:

We were going to submit an interpretation of Cream’s “Sunshine Of Your Love” for the current ropecast gift cert lottery. But darnit, the song is pretty much apt on its own.
Could Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, and Jack Bruce been rope tops ?

Reading the lyrics we thought it was appropriate for the intro music to a wonderful suspension/flogging scene.

You can find the lyrics here 🙂

And before your brain (like mine) goes into endless Clapton riffs, here’s a neat little rope erotica vignette from Vague:


A sweet, wet, desperate color wrapped tight around skin and muscle.  Another silent plea.

She had told him, “If you want to come, you’ll have to give me cream.”

Bit of a nonsequitur, he thought.

A plastic container with a pull off top and dietary information just raised a smile.  “Wrong kind.”

Cream eggs, a CD of 1960’s blues-rock, whipped cream, ice cream, cream magazine, white stuffed scraped off of a package of cookies, cream cheese, cold cream, cream of tomato soup.  All met with a smile and a shake of the head.

Meals were a bit strange that week.

And now this, tight loops pulled together and tied off around his arms and legs, hobbling mincing steps until he stood before.  The small crease appeared in her forehead as she looked him up and down.  “Cream colored rope?”

He managed a short shrug, shoulders rising until the rope dug into his chest.  “Only other thing I could think of.”

Her head rocked back and forth.  “The knots need to be tighter, it’ll fall off.  And this will cut off your circulation…”  Fingers started prying and pulling, twisting and dragging loops around his body, rearranging his limbs to suit the rope.

“Was I right?”  He swallowed hard.

A snort and a laugh.  “Actually, when I said that I was just trying to be a bitch and give you a Catch-22.  You know, if you want to come, give me cream, but you can’t because you can’t come…  I thought there’d be begging and pleading and bargaining and I’d do horrible things to you, and so on.  Then you took it literally, and I thought I’d see where you went with it.  And you disemboweled cookies for me.  It was cute.”

He laughed back.  “Ah.”  Whatever he was going to say was cut off as she dragged a loop of rope  through his mouth, tying it behind his head.

“Stop talking while you’re ahead.  So no, ‘cream colored rope’ wasn’t the answer I was expecting, but it’ll do.”

Listen to the latest Ropecast to hear Ganymancer’s erotic entry to the CREAM contest…and send in yours!

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