Michigan Bestiary Entry #2: from Vague

Not to be outdone by Ropeboi’s entry, Vague Defined has come up with his own artistic patter…giving him ready entry to the final Twisted Monk/Ropecast Giveaway at the upcoming Detroit GRUE. Remember that all attendees of the GRUE are also given an entry – so you could win $50 of rope just by showing up!

Ladies and gentlemen, tops and bottoms, masters and slaves, sadists and masochists, step right up, step right up to where nothing is what it seems!

It’s worse.

Right behind this door lies of a cornucopia of carnality, a plethora of perversion, the most psychologically malformed, maligned, misshapen monsters Michigan has to offer.

Isn’t that worth a measly five dollars?*

Come see the woman whose hair grew so long we braided it into a 12 gauge, 3-strand rope and hogtied her with it! Come see the legendary Ropunzel!

No groaning at my puns sir, save your groans and your cries of mercy for Ultimate Domme, who uses rope to tie her victims down! “Why,” you ask? Because even gravity safewords when she is topping!

Come on in, step right up, step right up, see the Twue Submissive! He had his hands and feet replaced with carabiners to make rope scenes easier, and would have had his head replaced with a suspensions ring if the surgeon hadn’t sobered up!

Step right up, for just five dollars see the Human Tripod, it’s not what you think ma’am, the Hall of Genital Abormalities is three tents down! No, these are the legendary siamese triplets, they suspend their bottoms from their three conjoined heads. It’s something you’ll never see again on this good Earth my friends!

So step right up, come on in, for a mere portrait of Abe Lincoln you can see these and more wonders of fabled Michigan. If you dare...

While I don’t have the rights to any of the images, this entry can’t help but evoke the work of Jeffrey Scott, aka 1019. Especially this, this, and this…and if that model looks familiar, perhaps you saw her also when Lochai rigged her for Occupied (look for image 30).

Send in your entries for the Michigan Bestiary by June 27th for your own chance to win!

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