2 thoughts on “Ropecast Special Video: Growing up Sex+

  • I have to say that I found this refreshing and insightful. I really enjoy hearing about the experiences of a sex positive young woman going through high school.

    I have always believed that ignorance may be bliss but it can also lead to ruin. How many young men and women who didnt have the first idea about sex and sexuality go about that learning process the hands on way and find out too late about the consequences of their actions.

    And I wouldnt be honest if I didnt say that Danica was cute as well. Does she model as well as strip? If not then she should. May be the first step in becoming rich and famous.

  • Danica is a sharp cookie who was wise beyond her years at a very young age. Gray, it sounds like raising Danica was/is a gift. She is refreshing, honest, and knows when to call dad for help. Kudos to both of you.

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