ToroGRUE sont fait!

(apologies to any truly fluent French speakers out there, I never really got the whole tenses thing).

The Control Enthusiast & Graydancer in the Kitchen Makin' Mancakes!

Ok, so there was actually a lot more at the ToroGRUE than pancakes. However, I think this will be forever one of my favorite pictures from the event. Many more to come, by the way; Ganymancer and CreativeSir were official GRUE photogs and they were snapping away throughout. A gallery will be forthcoming…

The Control Enthusiast managed to pull off what is probably the epitome of how the GRUE is designed to work. It was smooth, we had over 20 class sessions, people were involved, and many came out of it with new insights, relationships, and questions that will ripple far beyond the event.

I was especially interested in seeing how the GRUE continued into the Sunday time – yes, we ate pancakes, but then we fulfilled the promise of a “Grappling session”, an in-depth discussion on the philosophies of service, and a cigar play round table (well, round, anyway, as we were all out back smokin’ cubans provided by PBTees). Add to this a couple of impromptu vaginal fisting technique and spanking technique mini-sessions, and you have a whole mini-GRUE following the whole day saturday.

I also have to mention how blown away I was by the skills and presentation ability of Lotus Lily. She dove right into the GRUE with a presentation on partial suspension, and as I watched her rig I was amazed and humbled – her hands move with a sureness and speed that reminds me of Lqqkout. She also stepped up to the plate as my demo bottom (literally!) for “Rope & Impact Play” and later taught a very comprehensive self-suspension class. When I found out later that she was doing all this after working a full night shift, I was astounded. She’s good. If you’re looking for a rope presenter, she has my recommendation.

Of course things like the class list, the fishbowl questions, and more will be coming. But meanwhile, if all this sounds good to you, check out the Boston GRUE coming up in June. Too short notice?  TNG Pittsburgh just announced that they’ll be hosting the first Pittsburgh GRUE in April of 2011!

One more thing…

Yes, we did give away the Twisted Monk/Ropecast $50 Gift Certificate – and to find out who won, you’ll have to listen to the Ropecast (coming out later tonight). However, if you’re anxious to get in on the next round of competition, the theme has been selected – by “Ooh Spicy”, another great new friend from the GRUE.

Since the next giveaway will be done in Boston, when I asked what the theme should be, he piped up immediately with:


Yep. That’s the theme. Send in your entries (written, audio, or pics – pics are ALWAYS appreciated) to

And yes, we will also be doing a Ropecast on the best way to clean your rope…

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  • *blushes* Thanks for the kind words, Graydancer! It was a pleasure to finally meet you, and my utmost kudos to you for bringing the GRUE to Toronto! I had a blast, and made friends, and learned more than I imagined! See you soon! 🙂

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