Military Bondage Play in L.A.

I am bringing one of my favorite classes to L.A. for the first time, thanks to the Bordello of Decadence. Boot camp bondage, interrogation techniques, & more! Military bondage play draws from both fictional and practical methods of bondage with a more martial theme. Samurai, the US Cavalry, native Americans, special forces, Batman & Star[…]

Travel Tips for the International Kinkster

Right now I’m at the start of a couple of months of active traveling around the U.S. and Canada. At the same time I’ve been lucky enough to host Hishi Karo of the Shibari Dojo Vienna¬†for a week in my home, which led to many interesting conversations about the differences in various countries. I also[…]

Guest Appearance on the Full Disclosure Podcast with Eric Barry!

I had a great time being the object rather than the subject of a podcast! Eric Barry was a fun and interesting conversationalist, and it was a great pleasure meeting his co-host Jen Larsen (oh, and a virtual one too, Jess from San Francisco!). I get to be all kinds of controversial – talking about[…]

Coming soon to a Cable Channel Near You…

I made some references a while back to some “shooting” and “filming” I was doing in Baltimore. At the time I was prohibited from talking about what I was doing, but with the release of the following “teaser” video, it can be revealed: I wasn’t shooting so much as being shot by a documentary team[…]