Join me 10/14 for #SexTalkTuesday!

I’ve been pretty active on twitter pretty much since it came out, and unlike many people who find it annoying, I’ve found it pretty useful. I use it as a means of communication with friends both in public and in private, as an occasional soapbox, as a job lead engine, a publicity model, and sometimes as a really silly place to riff on various ideas (such as #KinkMadeBetterWithSharks and the like).

This Tuesday (the 14th of October) I’m using it for something else: my first Sex Talk Tuesday (#SexTalkTuesday) chat! These are put on by the folks over at, and they asked me if I would consider hosting for them. It’s like the grand tradition of inspirational fireside chats that Roosevelt used to pep up Americans during the Great Depression – except instead of talking about New Deals we’ll be talking about kink and sex! And I’ll likely have a cigar, rather than a cigarette in a fancy holder.

What kind of things will we chat about? C’mon, it’s twitter, you know better than to ask that. I have come up with some questions that may spur the conversation, but I really don’t know what will happen. That’s the fun! Past chats (you can find them here) have featured people like Dylan Ryan, Latoya Brown, Nina Hartley and others far more qualified and attractive than myself, but I’m still going to give it my best shot.

I hope you’ll join us from 2-4pm EST on Tuesday, October 14th by following (and posting) to #sextalktuesday. It should be an interesting ride, and I’m really looking forward to it.

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