Le Temps des Finances by Apolonis

KUMIR, Chapter 23: The Eidolon of Lust

Wondering what this is about? Read prior chapters! When Jason finally felt like opening his eye – only one was available, the other pressed against Jane’s warm skin – he saw the line of needles still sticking in her back, like strange little cel-towers on a warm skin-toned landscape. They’d stopped glowing, the tiny filigreed[…]

KUMIR, Chapter 20: Mangled Fuck in Blue

Editor’s note: As noted earlier, this is a novel about bad people doing bad things. This chapter gets extremely dark, and trigger warning for nonconsensual scenes of torture and sexual assault. Because this is about the villains, folks, and they are Bad People. Proceed at your own risk. Jane came awake slowly, her head filled with[…]