J is Not for Me

When it comes to the letter J, all of the words that come to mind are words that I’ve always found incredibly non-erotic: jism: nope, I much prefer “cum“, and the slang term “jizz” is even worse. “Ejaculate” is just too medical. Other euphemisms (“Sexy Man Sauce“) are good for a laugh, but not much[…]

I is for Insertable

For a while I carried one rather unusual implement in my toy bag: a bowling pin. It was mainly for psychological value – partners would expect things like whips and paddles and such, and when I would pull out the bowling pin  their eyes would get big, and usually they’d ask some variation of “What[…]

F is for Fellatio

While this might have seemed like a no-brainer, I’m not going to sit here and give people advice on how to perform fellatio, as some of my esteemed colleagues have done. One in particular is a het male who somehow manages to teach women-only workshops on how to give better blowjobs. That blows my mind,[…]