K is for Kumir

a-to-z-letters-k…also known as “that damn book.

It’s written. It’s even been edited somewhat by a couple of sets of smarter eyes than mine. But for some reason I keep procrastinating actually re-writing the parts that need re-writ, juicing up the parts that need lube, and generally whipping it into shape so that I can publish it, podcast it, do interpretive fucking dances to it.

But it does have what I think are some hot bits. In this excerpt, our hero, the intrepid bipolyswitch pixie, has entered into a wager with the leader of a local gang, the Incubikers. They’re both going to start scenes, he with his top Russian cam girl Ksenya, she with Georgia, the household cook. Whoever captures the audience’s attention the best, wins.

What do they win? Why is she there? All that you’ll have to discover at some other time. For now, enjoy the excerpt:

“Singing my song, boys?” came Jane’s alto voice from behind them, and the two men jumped as if they’d been caught by their mom looking at porn. She lay an arm amicably over their shoulders and leaned forward. “I miss anything good?”

Theo looked at Jane suspiciously. “How long were you back there listen- holy fuck, girl, what is that you’re wearing?” His eyes widened, and she smiled at him wickedly.

 “I told you it’d be worth the wait, boys.” She pirouetted, and the silver mesh she had draped over her body flowed under the lights like molten silver. It was wrapped tightly around her breasts and torso, almost corseted, before falling in waves of gossamer past her hips to the floor. The fabric was not quite transparent, but as she moved the suggestion of pink and darker shades were implied by the stretch of fabric over nipple and groin. She wore no jewelry save an onyx and silver ring on one hand, a black gold and pale blue chalcedony stone on the other. A long string of pearls was draped and tied loosely from neck to mid-thigh, and she looked like a kinky Erté drawing with her hair slicked back severely, two precise spit-curls twining along each cheek.

“That, Ms. Jane, is a long way from those dusty brown biking leathers. I’m beginning to finally think you might be worth the money you’re asking.”

Jane smiled. “But speaking of hot bitches,  where’s my Georgia peach? My hands are itching to get some rope and tie me some boobies…” The rough voice she used was so incongruous to her elegant costume that both men laughed, and Theo grabbed Ksenya’s arm, taking the brunette out of her chair and moving over to the far end of the room.

Georgia had come from the kitchen at Michael’s bidding, and stood there looking at Jane with an awestruck face. Jane looked back at her with a neutral expression, and simply extended a long finger in a slow, deliberate come hither.

Slowly Georgia crossed the room, and as the men and women saw their cook invading their playspace they began hooting and mocking her. Face reddening at the taunts of “Heifer!” and “Roll ‘er in flour and aim for the wet spot!” that surrounded her, she kept looking into Jane’s eyes, letting them pull her like a lifeline through the verbal abuse. By the time she reached the head table where Jane stood with Michael, the room had quieted, and all eyes were on the two women, one in ill-fitting denim, one in angelic robes, blonde hair seeming to shine.

Jane’s hand lifted, caressing Georgia’s round cheek, and at the touch the larger woman shuddered, eyes still locked with her captor. Jane let her finger trail down the womans neck, slowly falling into her cleavage, and then pushing slightly on Georgia’s sternum, a slight nod of her head the only command needed. Wordlessly, with a grace she didn’t know she possessed, the larger woman sank to her knees, hands clasped behind her, head bowed.

Jane looked down at her for a moment, face grave, almost reverent, as if taking in the submission. Nothing else in the club moved; everyone had been shocked into silence by the exchange of power between the two women. Then Jane looked up and across the room at Theo, who stood as entranced as the others, still grasping Ksenya by her upper arm.

“You gonna let me win that easily, boyo?” she asked saucily, and with a shocked roar Theo pulled Ksenya around and ripped off her dress in one strong jerking motion. Ksenya let out a squeal that turned to a moaning grunt as his hand encircled the back of her neck, pulling her roughly to him and biting her like he was a starved vampire. His other hand was suddenly pushing between her legs, and her hips moved in wanton circles as his fingers fiercely rubbed her vulva . He moved his hips with her, and the other IncuBikers and their women let out a hoarse and puerile cheer for their leader as the naked Russian woman began grinding her pale ass against his leg.

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BONUS: In case you’re wondering, this gallery from Steamgirl is a good approximation of what I imagine Jane looks like.

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