I is for Insertable

a-to-z-letters-iFor a while I carried one rather unusual implement in my toy bag: a bowling pin. It was mainly for psychological value – partners would expect things like whips and paddles and such, and when I would pull out the bowling pin  their eyes would get big, and usually they’d ask some variation of “What are you planning to do with that?

I would reply “Well, that depends…” A bottle of lube in one hand, I’d hold the club out horizontally. “First, pick an end…

I’m not sure what it is about insertables we tops love so much. Dildos, anal hooks, ginger plugs, magic wands, you name it, we want to stick it in somewhere. Maybe it’s similar to that idea of rope being an extension of the tops’ hands – if the top has directed the bottom to put something in somewhere, it’s got to be satisfying some need.

In play there’s a direct correlation between the insertion and pleasure – either on my end or theirs. But it’s the long-distance insertables that I find more interesting. There’s a strange kind of satisfaction in being given proof by the object of your will that they have let you – helped you – invade and occupy their body. It’s not exactly a sexual thing – though it certainly can be erotic. It’s more that it satisfies the need to be present not only in someone’s thoughts but also in their body. It’s the knowing that they are willing to give this kind of control to you.

It’s hot.


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