Ropecast Interview with Peter Tupper

This podcast features: a Ropecast Vocabulary Primer, news about rope pride patches a discount code for Ropecast Listeners from MauiKink: GDTC15 for 15% off most things! Then it’s an interview with Peter Tupper, kink historian and author of the forthcoming “Innocent’s Progress” coming from Circlet Press (check out their steampunk erotica anthology “Like a Whisp[…]

Yummy Creamy Goodness from Canada

Ah, those Canadians…how I do love them. From the co-creator of my book Kumir to the Control Enthusiast to my bubbly, vivacious, friendly, and bane-of-my-ankle roommate from Sex 2.0, Alpine Subdreams. You may remember her from the Car theme with a toy car suspended from her labia. Now we have something else: a lovely rope-y[…]