The New Ropecast Challenge

No, this isn’t a new contest for you. Nor is it some promotion from some other event. This is me being stupid foolhardy brave, dammit, and making a public commitment to a certain task.

See, the Ropecast has a very noble history – it is, to the best of my knowledge and research, the longest-running still extant kink-oriented podcast. There were kinky podcasts before it, sure – The Sex Geeks, for example, or Violet Blue. But the Sex Geeks faded into the aether, and Violet does a lot of things, all of which are fantastic, but her podcast hasn’t updated since December 2009.

So I take my credit where I can – (cue Morpheus roaring at the sexy crowds of Zion “WE ARE STILL HERE!!”) and for the most part, it’s cool…except for this one thing.

Yeah, I’ve been the longest-running. But I haven’t had the most episodes. There’s this little upstart podcast, for example, called “Polyamory Weekly” that has put out 237 podcasts. I’m close to that – just put out episode 208 – but that Cunning Minx has a work ethic the size of my – well, anyway, it’s big. And she keeps putting out the weekly podcasts.

Now, I could take the easy way out. I could count the podcasts that put out my first two books, Nawashi & Jujun. I could count the video files I’ve already produced (which would bring me up to about 215). I could decide to just start podiobooking my new book, Kumir, and count those.

But that would be cheating.

So instead, I’m making a public commitment that I am going to catch up with and surpass the episode count of Polyweekly. I’m going to do this by first not falling further behind; a podcast every week. That’s right, I’m not changing the name, but Ropecast is now a weekly podcast – for as long as I can keep it up, but  definitely to the point where I have released the podcast that is one past whatever the Minx just released.

Secondly, format: in looking at stats, I discovered a few things. For one, almost 25% of my audience is in Texas! And about 2% are from China! These are things that really you have to be a social media stats nerd to appreciate, but it does mean I need to learn the Chinese word for “sukebe” and also need to give a big shout-out to my listeners in San Antonio…

It also showed me that y’all like video. A LOT. In fact, the top media downloads for my podcast are the videos – not just the hot women tying each other up, but also the instructional stuff. So…in addition to the weekly audio cast, I’ll be putting up a video cast (and yes, that counts!) for your viewing pleasure.

If I were mathematically inclined, I’d just put it as a story problem:

A has 208 podcasts. B has 232 podcasts. If B produces 1/wk, and A starts producing 2/wk, how many weeks before A catches up to B?

As it is, I just put it up on Twitter for minds smarter than mine.

But in the spirit of “If you make a goal, make it public!” I’m letting you all put the pressure on me. And, of course, I’m asking for your help:

  • Send me ideas and content! Rope erotica, pictures, questions, stories, boobies, cbt, neat rope samples, DVDs, whatever. I’ve done pretty well coming up with things to blather on about already, but if you want something specific, let me know!
  • Support my sponsors so they support me. The Ropecast’s main sponsor is Twisted Monk; you should frequent his site and his blog for more than just supporting me. But other individual show sponsors have also helped, and if you happen to go to their sites, please let them know you listen to the Ropecast:
  • Or, you could become a sponsor yourself – or use one of the “donate” buttons at the right to either subscribe to “Graydancer’s Monthly Cuppa” (roughly the cost of a cup of coffee per month) or a one-time $10 donation.
  • Aside from that, just a general “atta boy!” or random picture of hot roped bodies or comment to the Ropecast Hotline (608-432-KNOT) are always welcome.

My Twitter Friend GryphonSpeaks says it will take 8 weeks to become the longest-running and most-prolific kinky podcast on the web…so here we go!

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