Even MORE Cream!

Not only did I neglect to include a CREAM entry from last week, I’ve gotten more in this week than I’ve had time to put online! So feast your eyes on this very neat, entirely-iPhone-created, CREAM

"The sub is the cream to the rope: a smooth softness to balance the bite."

Next, a beautiful piece of poetry (would love to hear any spoken renditions of this for the podcast, hint, hint, 608-432-KNOT, hint…)


a trickle

a warm thing

a taste under the tongue

that leaves me


a tickle

a pressing

a wrap around the ribs

that makes me


makes me bend

like a reed

like a ragdoll

taking pleasure in being pressed

my mouth opening of its own accord

firm fingers

a taste a taste

something in me undressing

revealing myself

exposure for reward

tit for tat

bound limb to limb and word to word and

hung up on this moment just wanting

a taste

mouth open

tongue wet

and a sensation that started

somewhere beneath my belly

a warmth

rising to the top

skimmed from the surface

by your hands



and pulled ever so tight.


How about a blast from the past? A couple of very old friends of mine (in fact, if you go back and look at GloRoMo, you’ll see this saucy redhead there, as well) who happen to be gourmets “whipped” up these CREAM entries:

And finally, what popped into my mailbox this morning but an Unsolicited Boobie…bound & topped with CREAM! Thank go to “Bondage” for this happy picture:

Bound Boobie Brulée?

Keep those cards & letters comin’, folks – I will put them up as fast as I can manage! Every one gets you entered into the Twisted Monk/Ropecast giveaway, where a $50 Gift Certificate will be ALL YOURS!

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