The KUMIR Work in Progress

July 25, 2009
TRUE FACT: "Isabella" is based directly on Sabrina Fox!

TRUE FACT: “Isabella” is based directly on Sabrina Fox!

A couple of years ago I did a shitty first draft of a story I had in my head. Like my other books, I wanted to take some genre fiction and put a kinky spin on it. With a generous grant from a fan, I was able to complete the first draft…and there it sat.

And sat, and sat. I’m big on ideas, you see, and I can even get the words down when you force me to, but editing? Not so much. And my then-agent wasn’t too interested in getting it out there to a real editor, so…

She’s not my agent any more.

But meanwhile, I still have this work. And while I don’t think it’s going to win any awards, I do think it’s pretty fun fiction. I also think that it helps to motivate me to polish it up by posting it, serial-style, here on my blog.

Here is the Table of Contents so far, so that you can enjoy it in order. Feel free to email me or comment on the stories. I’m negotiating with the fine folks at SteamGirl for a picture for the cover, and I hope to have this draft finished by the end of 2014.

Warning: This story contains scenes of graphic sex, violence, puns, and occasionally all three mixed together. It is not meant as erotica, though parts may turn you on; it is a story of bad people doing bad things and making bad choices. If you are triggered by BDSM, rough sex, violence, or sex work, this story is not for you.


KUMIR: Table of Contents

  1. Jane Comes to Town

  2. Three Beds

  3. Exposition Pancakes

  4. Meet the Nesmiths

  5. Audition

  6. Plots & Foils

  7. Seekets & Coffee

  8. Office Perks

  9. Mother Russia Delivers

  10. A Wager

  11. Playing the Sides

  12. The Duel, part one

  13. The Duel, part two

  14. The Winnings

  15. Two Escapes

  16. Tension Relief

  17. Meet Me at St. Antoine’s

  18. Rollerskating with Buffalo

  19. The Bloody Sunset

  20. Mangled Fuck in Blue

  21. Enter the Qadish

  22. Needles and Light