KUMIR, Chapter 12 (part the first): The Duel

Whew, chapter 12 is a long ‘un! It’s also proving more time-consuming to edit than I’d expected, but it’s also fucking hot, so I thought I’d post the first half just to give you a taste. A couple of things to note: Bad People do Bad Things. Please do not extrapolate that I condone in any way some of the acts done by or to the characters.

Others, though, I certainly do. I won’t bother to say which is which.

Also, you may notice the sudden change of one character’s appearance. Yes, that was intentional, and in the final draft of the book, the previous chapters will be edited to reflect it. In the meantime, we press FORWARD into the Duel!

Theo shifted restlessly in his chair. Across the room the blonde woman Elsie had come down from the table and was now totally naked, on her knees surrounded by Incubikers. Their cocks jutted out from their unzipped jeans and they were passing her around like a joint, every man taking a hit of her open mouth for a few strokes before handing her off. Elsie’s eyes were vacant and almost rolled up as she opened her mouth for each new cock, spittle and mucus drizzling down her chin and glistening slick on her breasts. She knelt with legs spread, hands furiously masturbating with a desperate grind of her hips. Even at a distance Theo could hear her grunting as she rode her orgasms one after another while the men fucked her face. Nudging Michael, he nodded towards the camera the IncuBikers in the circle were passing around as well, getting closeups of Elsie as she was passed on from cock to cock.

“That’ll be prime content for the our next bukkake title,” he murmured. “I bet we can get her to take a few of them in her ass, too.”

Michael glanced at the group and sniffed dismissively. “Elsie? She doesn’t do anal, brother – at least, not for the kind of green I’m willing to pay. The little bitch still has that ‘I’m young and beautiful and the next Belladonna’ attitude.” He took a sip of beer. “It’ll take a few months to wear her down, but in the end we’ll get her to take it in the ass for next to nothing.”

Theo grinned and he shook his head in amusement. “You’re lucky I’ve already got a money on a different bet tonight, brother, or I’d take your money proving you wrong.” He leaned in towards Michael, voice low and urgent. “I told you – I found something special in New York. It’s big, and it’s gonna make even your sweet Isabella seem like last year’s whore.” Seeing Michael’s skeptical expression, he said “Fine. I’ll give you a little preview.” He cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted over to the blonde. “Yo, Elsie! Listen up!”

Elsie’s pulled her head away from the biker currently in front of her, eyes unfocused and wild, and shouted eagerly “Yessir, Mr. Theo? Oh, God! I’m coming again!” Her words slurred through her salivating mouth and she made a gobbling noise as she shoved his cock back into her mouth. Michael looked at his brother with a “Yeah, so?” expression. Theo simply held up a finger. Wait and see.

“Elsie, you’re so fucking hot! I bet sucking that cock feels really good.” Theo paused for moment, his voice taking on a more commanding tone. “Don’t you think it would feel great to have one of those beer bottles in your ass, too?” Michael’s eyes widened as the girl hummed enthusiastically, nodding her head in agreement without missing a stroke on the cock filling her mouth.

Theo smiled. “You really want that, don’t you, Elsie? You want your ass fucked with a beer bottle because it will feel so good?” Elsie’s noises became even more desperate, and she lifted her hand for a moment from her pussy to give a thumbs up, hand shiny with her own cum.

Theo glanced triumphantly over at his brother, and continued to call across the room. “You’re such a lucky hot slut, Elsie. There’s a bottle right behind you! Why don’t you just reach back there and shove it in your ass, girl? I bet you’ll cum even harder when it’s deep inside.” Theo motioned to one of the Incubikers standing in the circle and the man passed a beer bottle into  the girl’s questing hands. As her fingers closed around it, Elsie lifted slightly off the floor and without hesitation pushed it against her anus, sitting down onto it so that all but the last inch or so disappeared up inside her ass. Still sucking on the man in front of her she let out a muffled scream as her sphincter stretched wide, but her fingers worked her pussy even more furiously. The scream morphed into a low moan keening from her mouth between in wet slurps and gaggging noises as the cock pushed in and out between her lips.

Michael watched the girl go through several more orgasms with no sign of stopping. He turned to his brother, his face thoughtful  “Alright, I’ll admit, that has potential.” He looked back at Elsie. “Was it in her drink? Could she have tasted it?”

Theo shook his head, looking smug. “The drug has less taste than fucking iocane powder, m’man. I put it in that first beer she chugged, but I could have put it in anything.”

Michael grunted. “Mmm. Just how suggestible is she?”

“Fucking neurochemical magic,” Theo answered. “My guy at Stanford said it turns the serotonin on max and then plays some hokey shit with the amygdala, shutting off inhibitions.” His face turned more serious, all business now. “Want to see how far it goes? It will cut her market value.”

Michael slowly nodded, eyes dark and interested.

Theo shrugged. “Alright, your call. We have the Russians now, Elsie won’t be much of a loss.” His voice raised again. “Hey, Elsie, you hot little cocksucker, you know what would make that bottle in your ass feel even better? Wanna know what would really send you over the edge?” The young blonde paused, the tip of a cock still in her mouth, eagerly waiting to hear his suggestion.

“Slam your face into the floor. Break your nose, honey.” Theo’s voice sounded as calm as if he’d suggested she have another beer. “Give yourself an instant nose job, you hot little slut. That will make cocksucking feel fucking amazing.” He sat back in his chair and watched dispassionately as Elsie pulled back and jackknifed down, face smashing into the stained wood floor. There was an audible crack as the cartilage in her nose broke.

When she sat up again her face was covered with blood and saliva down her chin. Her nose was a swollen misshapen mass shifting off to the left side of her face. Even from across the room Theo and Michael could see raccoon bruises beginning to darken her eyes. Elsie didn’t seem to notice, opening her mouth and moving to take the nearest cock back into her mouth. The particular man’s erection was faltering at the horrific sight of the damage to the blonde’s face. He stood frozen for a moment with a horrified look on his face as she gasped for breath around his cock, ramming her ass down on the floor to shove the bottle deeper while still masturbating frantically. Her naked thighs became speckled with drips of blood from her nose.

The Incubiker couldn’t take it and he turned his head and puked. Elsie didn’t notice, but as he pulled away she raised her face to the ceiling, eyes completely rolled back in her head, and screamed. “Id fees so good! Moh! Oh, God, moh cock! Moh!!”

“Jesus,” Michael breathed. “And she’ll remember none of this tomorrow?”

“Only what we tell her,” Theo replied smoothly. “She got drunk. Fell down, broke her nose. Why’s her ass sore? How should we know?” He clapped his brother on the back. “We can get any bitch – or fag, for that matter – to do anything  we ask for nothing, brother.” He mimed a cash register. “Ka-fucking-ching.”

“Singing my song, boys?” came Jane’s alto voice from behind them, and the two men jumped like teenagers caught looking at porn. Jane stretched her arms amicably over their shoulders and leaned in. “Did I miss anything good?”

Theo glared at her suspiciously. “How long were you back there lis-“ His eyes grew wide as he saw the rest of her. “Holy fuck, girl, what are you wearing?”

Jane smiled wickedly. “I told you it’d be worth the wait, boys.” She pirouetted, and the silver mesh draped over her body flowed under the lights like molten silver. It wrapped tightly around her torso, sheer against her breasts and tightly corseting her waist. It fell in waves of gossamer metal threads over her hips all the way to the floor. The dress wasn’t quite transparent, but as she moved pink nipples and a dark triangle at her crotch were implied by the stretch of fabric. She wore a single ring on each hand, one onyx and silver, one black gold set with a pale blue chalcedony stone. A long string of pearls was draped around her neck, tied loosely and stretching from neck to mid-thigh. Her hair was slicked back severely with two precise spit-curls twining along each cheek. Overall, Jane looked like a kinky fever dream by Erté.

It took a moment, but Michael recovered first. “Ms. Jane, that outfit is a long way from dusty riding leathers. I’m beginning to believe you might be worth our money.” He motioned towards the black case at her feet. “I take it Nastya got your gear for you?”

Jane frowned in annoyance. “Mr. Doukas, I gotta tell ya, that Russian bitch is totally worthless. I hope you don’t mind, but I used some rope to leave her in a position to truly contemplate her the depth of her inadequacy.” Her frown turned into a saucy grin. “You’ll get her back in the morning, I promise, with a vastly improved attitude.” Jane nodded idly over at Elsie, bloody-faced and moaning on the floor. The Incubikers had abandoned her, but the girl was still grinding on the bottle and frigging herself with spastic jerks. “Not to be nosy, but she ok? Looks like she could use some training in…um…” She watched the blonde slowly fall over on her side, moaning and fingers still rubbing her pussy frantically. Jane shook her head. “Pacing herself, maybe?”

The men exchanged glances, and Theo said, smoothly, “Bitch just can’t hold her liquor. She’ll sleep it off, we’ll take her to see Jonesy at the clinic in the morning.” He watched Jane’s face closely, gauging her reaction, but Jane simply shrugged.

“As they say in the homeland, not my circus, not my monkeys. Besides, I already got a date. Where’s that Georgia peach? My hands are itching to get some rope on those southern chocolate tits…” Jane’s rough tone of voice was completely incongruous with her elegant silver dress. The brothers sat frozen for a moment before bursting out laughing. Theo stood, grabbed Ksenya’s arm and pulled the brunette towards the far end of the room.

Jane looked at Michael, who returned her gaze thoughtfully. Then he shrugged, leaned over and whispered to the Russian woman sitting next to him. She hurried to the kitchen and a moment later Georgia stood in the doorway, wiping her hands on a towel. Her hands froze when she saw Jane, her hands letting the towel fall to the floor. Her dark brown eyes were wide and awestruck as she took in the elegant silver lingerie with spiked heels and white patent leather peeking out from the hem. Jane, on the other hand, looked at the cook with a dispassionate gaze, almost cold. After a moment she lifted her arm slowly and crooked her finger in a long and deliberate come hither.

Slowly Georgia walked across the room. As the Incubikers and their women saw the cook invade their playspace they began calling out with crude jibes and mocking noises. Georgia’s dark skin reddened to an umber hue as the taunts of “Heifer!” and “Gonna roll ‘er in flour, Jane?” surrounded her. Jane’s eyes were a lifeline pulling her through the abuse and scorn, held impervious by the commanding desire of the woman in silver. As she reached the head table where Jane stood next to Michael the room had quieted. All eyes were on the two women, the tawny, frizzle-haired cook in ill-fitting jeans and a tight sleeveless denim shirt that barely held in her breasts, and Jane in like some Norse angel, blonde hair shining in close gold curls.

Jane caressed Georgia’s round cheek, and the larger woman shuddered at the touch, eyes held captive by Jane’s. The caress trailed into a solitary finger that traced down Georgia’s neck, dipping into her cleavage, pushing slightly and then harder between them. Jane’s head inclined slightly, and wordlessly Georgia obeyed the silent command. She knelt with a grace no one suspected she possessed. Her hands clasped naturally behind her, and she bowed her head.

Jane looked down at the woman for a moment, face grave, almost reverent as she let her eyes take in the lush curves of skin and denim. No one moved, shocked into silence by the power of the submission given and received so elegantly between the two women.

Abruptly Jane looked up across the room at Theo. He stood with Ksenya, both as entranced as everyone else. “You gonna let me win that easily, boyo?” she called out to him. It broke the spell, and with a shocked roar Theo pulled Ksenya around and ripped off her rayon dress with one swift yank.

Ksenya’s squeal changed to a low moan as he grabbed the back of her neck. It was so slender that his hand almost completely encircled it. He pulled her up roughly and bit into her neck. Her moan grew louder and she thrust her hips forward, questing for more stimulation. Theo pushed his other hand between her legs and Ksenya began moving her grinding against it in wanto, circles, hips grinding up against his fingers as they stroked her vulva. Theo moved his hips behind her, pushing her harder against his hand. The IncuBikers and a few of their companions let out a chorus of  hoarse and puerile cheers for their leader as they watched the naked Russian woman writhing against him on the stage.

That was the cue, and an Incubiker fired up the music system, sending a pulsing techno beat through the room, an occasional twang of classic rock mashed in amongst the beats. Jane cocked her head, getting a feel for the music, then caught Theo’s eye across the room. She nodded to him as if acknowledging a worthy opponent.

The duel began.

Jane lifted her dress, revealing the full shine of white patent-leather boots laced up to just under her knee. Reaching into the top, she took out the inlaid curved knife she’d used back with Kitten and Tony. With a quick flip of her fingers she tossed it into the air, flipped it up high in the air. The silver-white handle and bright silver of the blade shone in the bright lights of the club as it spun through the air. The shiny attracted the attention of a few men and women from Theo, and there was an audible gasp as Jane caught the blade. The knife didn’t stop, her hand riding the momentum  in a quick serpentine slice across Georgia’s shirt. The kneeling woman barely had time to squeak before the silver buttons of her tight denim shirt clattered to the floor, a staccato barely audible under the thunderous drum and bass.  The top fell open, and Georgia’s full breasts spilled out, either side of the vest pulling out past her hard nipples.

The crowd barely had time to register the naked breasts before Jane reached forward. She grabbed a handful of Georgia’s thick, wiry hair and pulled her forward and down. The voluptuous woman let out a frightened cry and reflexively reached out to catch herself. Her hands ended up on either side of Jane’s boot, peeking out from under translucent silver hem of the dress. Instinctively Georgia stretched her neck forward and kissed the white patent leather. Her eyes were closed blissfully as her lips rested against the shiny surface. She seemed almost worshipful as she reveled in the cool leather over Jane’s petite foot. After a long moment she lifted her lips slightly and planted another kiss, slightly higher. Jane tilted her foot just a bit, giving another silent signal to the prostrate woman. Georgia moaned ecstatically and began planting frantic kisses in between licks up the leather and laces. Her head pushed against the hem of the silver dress revealing the tight curve of the boots as they rose over Jane’s calves. Georgia lost herself in worship of every curve and seam, interrupted only by a slight gasp as she felt a cool rush of air across her back. The remains of the denim shirt fell away, sliced open by Jane’s knife so quickly it might as well have been tissue.

Across the room, Theo had ripped off his shirt and unfastened his jeans. Ksenya was on her knees, hands wrapped around the base of his cock as she moved her mouth on it. His face was a grinning mask of feral lechery as he looked out over the crowd of his fellow bikers and their women, cheering him on. His leer faltered slightly as he noticed that not all eyes were on him – a few groups of bikers and more than a few women were staring at the spectacle of Georgia, topless and worshiping the hot spiked heels of her Mistress of the evening. Jane stood like an angelic figure in silver samite and pearls, somehow holy and hot at the same time.

Theo growled with bitter savagery at Ksenya. “Put your hands behind your head, whore!” She didn’t move, and Theo lifted his hand to slap some sense into her. His arm froze halfway down, though, as he realized she couldn’t understand a word he said. Ksenya hadn’t even noticed, eyes closed as she sucked his cock, but It threw them both off rhythm. Theo swore again and pulled her hands away, pushing them violently down. The Russian sex worker was experienced enough to know what he wanted, and she left her hands at her sides as he grasped her head with both hands. He forced his cock deep into her throat until she gagged, hands fluttering helplessly but remaining down at her sides. She might not understand words, but she knew men like Theo, and she knew better than to lift them  from where he’d put them. “Suck my fucking cock, bitch!” he roared, and smiled grimly as he heard a chorus of “fuck yeah!” come from the audience.

Jane reached down and twisted her fingers in Georgia’s hair. She pulled the woman from her boot and held her there as she murmured, “You think some bootlicking is going to make you worthy of serving me, slut? You’re going to have to work harder than that.” Her measured tones somehow slid between the pulsing bass notes and flanged treble so that Georgia could hear every word. “You’re going to have to show me more than devotion, you sweet fucking peach.”

Jane tightened her grip and gave the woman’s head a little shake as if she were chastising a kitten. “That knife I have? It goes through leather like it was butter.” She paused, letting that register with Georgia, whose half lidded eyes were riveted on the blade. “That means that if you move, my pretty, you’ll be cut before you can even scream.” Jane’s lowered her tone, still clear through the music. “So don’t fucking move, my hot little bitch.”

Pushing Georgia’s head down again, Jane touched the tip of the blade to the skin just under the hairline at the back of Georgia’s neck. The bowed woman’s lips were again pressed against Jane’s boot, motionless with ecstatic terror. She let out a tiny cry into the leather but did not move as Jane drew the blade down the dusky brown skin of her back, tracing her spine inch by inch. The sharp edge drew a red scratch along the vertebrae, just short of breaking skin. Jane moved the knife with inexorable deliberation, slowly moving closer to Georgia’s waistband. There was a slight gap between the fabric and her skin, and when the tip of the blade disappeared under the waistband Georgia let out a low moan of mixed desire and dread. Her hips began to tremble, but Jane kept the grip on her curly hair to hold her face pressed to her white boot.

Jane pulled up with a deft flick of her wrist. The sharp knife ripped easily through the denim, and Jane continued the motion of the knife up as if it were a sword. The silver blade glittered in the air over her head, but Jane focused her gaze down to the soft brown expanse of Georgia’s back. The woman trembled slightly underneath her but did not try to rise. Jane watched with satisfaction as the movement of muscle under the smooth skin gradually revealed a thin red line stretching from the base of her skull to the just-visible cleft of her ass. “You are marked, woman,” Jane proclaimed, face flushed with excitement as she reveled in Georgia’s submission.

Jane held her arm up for what seemed an eternity, as if there were a channel of energy flowing from the knife down through her arms to Georgia’s thick curls. The violent tableau was like some strange demonic healing ritual painted by Frazetta, the bare dark skin of Georgia’s back in stark contrast to the serene draped silver of Jane’s elegant dress. Finally the moment broke and Jane moved her knife hand in a blur, making the blade disappear.

She twisted, skirts flowing around her like a whirlpool, using her grip on Georgia’s hair as a pivot point to move around the prostrate woman. Jane came to rest kneeling behind Georgia, the silver fabric of her dress gracefully coming to rest moments after she’d stopped moving. She reached out and put her free hand at the small of Georgia’s back. Jane held her hands there deliberately for a moment, seeming to gather energy, and then abruptly shifted back. Her weight bent Georgia back, arching up and back, breasts bare and nipples hard and the color of rich cocoa. They thrust up towards the ceiling, and Georgia’s chest heaved in hoarse gasps. She let her head fall back towards Jane, completing the arch.

Jane’s eyes burned with lust as she held the woman’s face centimeters from her own, simultaneously feeding on the woman’s fear and giving her a kind of terrible strength. “Oh, yes, my sweet peach,” she growled into Georgia’s wide, dark eyes. “You’re going to give me everything, aren’t you?”

Georgia managed to swallow between gasps and finally found her voice. “Yes, mistress, oh, yes,” she moaned. “Everything…anything…for you.” Her eyes were wide and shining as tears formed.

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