KUMIR, Chapter 20: Mangled Fuck in Blue

Editor’s note: As noted earlier, this is a novel about bad people doing bad things. This chapter gets extremely dark, and trigger warning for nonconsensual scenes of torture and sexual assault. Because this is about the villains, folks, and they are Bad People. Proceed at your own risk.

Jane came awake slowly, her head filled with a dull roaring tide of pain left over from the chokehold. She was laying naked on her side on what felt like a cement floor. She listened without opening her eyes, trying to orient herself. She couldn’t feel any bonds on her body or limbs. There were no street sounds, and as far as she could tell she was alone, wherever she was. Cracking one eye, she saw the corner of a frosted window high up in the wall letting a dirty gleam of daylight into the room through chain link barricades covering the frame.

She moved ever-so-slightly and realized that what she’d mistaken for freedom was actually her hands and arms numb in the tight ropes binding them. She didn’t try moving her hands – couldn’t feel them anyway – but instead shifted her shoulders with her breath, trying to gauge the range of motion available.

There wasn’t much, but the movement inspired a sudden click and sliding sound of a door opening. “Hello, Jane,” Theo’s voice echoed through the empty room cheerfully, and she opened her eyes fully just in time for a floor’s-eye view of his boot rushing towards her abdomen.

She grunted at the impact of the steel toe as it went into her stomach, and retched as she tried to roll away. He rewarded her with another swift kick to her left kidney, and she arched spastically at the pain, feeling the rope dig into her shoulders as well as her arms.

Knowing it was futile she flexed her hands, trying to find a weakness in the ropes, and heard Theo laugh. “Sorry, babe, that’s some hardcore hojojutsu on you there, fuckin’ Japanese samurai bondage. Courtesy of the lovely Isabella, who used to ride with some rope guy in California. That shit is fucking inescapable unless you’re planning on chewing off your arm.”

Isabella tied this, Jane thought, the first glimmer of hope appearing in this craptastic situation. She moved again, adding a moan as if it hurt more than it did to mollify Theo’s sardonic gaze. She twisted, searching for a weak point, for some knot within reach of her questing fingers. Theo suddenly crouched down next to her and she froze. She didn’t turn her head as he hissed into her ear.

“Looking for the escape hatch? You hoping that your hot lesbian lover gave you some way to get out and go all jiu jitsu on my ass?” He spit suddenly, and she felt the warm gobbet of saliva sliding down her cheek. “Fat chance, you traitorous bitch. Michael told his ginger whore to tie you so you couldn’t get out, and that’s exactly what she did.” Theo paused and flicked Jane’s exposed nipple hard with his nail. When she didn’t react, he seemed disappointed, but the snarl was still in his voice as he continued. “Then he told her to bend over and let him fuck her ass, and she did that, too, and when he told her suck me off while that happened, and give Beecee and Trig handjobs while she was at it, she did all that, too.” He laughed with a hard, cruel bray. “You want to know why, bitch?”

Jane knew why. She recalled Elsie’s display in the common room. Whatever cocktail Theo had acquired from his New York friends had been given to Isabella. And would soon be given to her. Mind racing, Jane shut her eyes and began to prepare.

Theo interpreted her closed eyes for despair and laughed. “Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. I’m glad you saw what it did to Elsie. Maybe you have a vague idea of what’s comin’ to you now, bitch.” His voice lowered to a hiss and he spoke directly into her ear. “Except you’ll never really know, cunt, you’ll just wake up afterwards and feel your ruined body and wonder what we made you do.” He stood and kicked her one last time with a careless brutality, leaving a darkening bruise on her hip.

Turning, he walked back towards the door. “Y’know, Elsie still screams every time she takes a shit. And we liked her. You think about that until my brother gets here.” Jane didn’t turn as the door closed behind him. Eyes shut, mouth moving in unheard syllables, she prepared for the ordeal to come.

Some vague time later the door opened again. Jane was still lying on her side, face to the wall. Her eyes were open and alert, staring at a point of focus on the wall about two feet in front of her face. Michael’s composed voice rumbled towards her like a malignant caress. “Looks like you did a nice job on those ropes, Isabella. How does that make you feel?”

“Oh, so good, Michael…” Isabella’s voice was filled with sexual tension, every word formed from a constant moan that hovered behind her lips. “God, she’s so fucking beautiful in those ropes, Michael, it makes me… I want to just…just…oh, I want more…”

Michael crossed the room and planted a foot on Jane’s shoulder, nudging her roughly onto her back. He straddled the bound woman’s shoulders, looking approvingly down at the pale skin smudged with dirt and dark bruises from Theo’s boot. Her bright hazel eyes looked calmly up – not at him, exactly, but in his direction. Her back was arched slightly due to her hands bound behind her back, her breasts rising and falling evenly with each breath, like unwilling offerings for his gaze.

Michael noted that both nipples were flat pink circles, and he tsked softly. “Why, Ms. Jane, aren’t you having fun? I was under the impression you were really into this kind of stuff.” He nodded over towards Isabella, standing naked at the door, the filthy residue of unwashed fluids making a mottled dirty mess of her flawless skin. Her hair was in ragged disarray, large gaps showing bare scalp where some rough blade had simply cut it off in handfuls. Her eyes, though, shone with passion as they looked at Michael, poised to do his bidding. Her body hummed with erotic energy that manifest in the nervous twitch of her hand near her shaved crotch.

Michael didn’t look at her, just continued staring down at Jane. “Isabella’s told us all sorts of interesting things in between gobbling down every cock in the building. Girl’s stomach could populate the planet, amount of sperm she’s guzzled down in the last few hours. But she told us about a certain necklace…” Jane’s eyes flickered at that, and Michael smiled. “Yes. I thought you’d know something about that.” He lifted his foot and placed the sole of his boot squarely against her face, flattening her nose with a slight, controlled pressure.

Jane’s eyes scrunched in pain, and she wailed “Pakiusap! Malaking pakiusap! Hindi! Hindi!” Her voice sounded pitiful, a mewling beaten wail. Surprised, Michael relaxed his foot, trying to make sense of the syllables. Suddenly her unbound foot whipped up with a jackknife kick directly into his crotch. Michael dismissively caught her ankle in a bone-cracking grip. He never broke his gaze, sneering derisively down at her.

Deliberately he put his boot back to her face. Her eyes held his glaring over the tip of the leather. There was no trace of helplessness there – only hatred and anger, a burning vengeance. “Good,” he nodded with satisfaction. “This will be much more entertaining if you struggle.” He nodded up towards the corners of the room, where four cameras blinked down with red recording lights. “See, there’s going to be two parts to this video. The second part, after Theo gives you his little magic cocktail from his New York friends, will be full of all the happy slutty things you’ll do for whomever – whatever – we want.” He chuckled. “Hell, Beecee is out right now trying to find a goat.” He still held her ankle tight in his grip, his arm flexed and solid as iron. “But you won’t remember that, cuntwipe. You’ll just wake up broken. Probably shit into a bag the rest of your life, never knowing what it was exactly that fucked you up so bad. All you’ll know is that you let us do it, and thanked us for it afterwards. That’s what Theo likes so much about his new toy.”

Michael grimaced and shifted his grip. “But I’m the kind of guy who likes a little struggle. So we’re going to spend a little quality time together first. You’re going to tell us about this necklace that Isabella brought into my happy little kingdom.”

He gave a hollow laugh. “The bitch doesn’t know anything about it, other than what it did to people who saw her wear it. People like me,” he growled, and there was the anger in his tone. Michael was not a man used to being manipulated. “But you know what it is, don’t you, cunt?” He pressed his knuckles into the side of her ankle precisely and Jane screamed incoherently, torso twisting even with her head pinned by Michael’s boot.

He held the pressure point for a moment and then loosened his grip. Jane’s foot fell limply to the cement floor. She moaned, and he waited patiently for her eyes to open. “You’re going to tell us everything eventually, of course. As soon as Theo puts that shit in you you’ll beg to tell us, just for the chance to let you fuck something, anything.” His eyes drilled into hers, their wills locked in a power struggle. “But that’s too easy. I want you to remember this pain, bitch. I want you to know exactly who it was who did this to you.”

Halang ang bituka!” she hissed at him, voice muffled under the heel of his boot. “Mahina ang ulo! Maitim ang dugo-” the litany of harsh words was abruptly cut off with a cry as he twisted his boot hard. Jane cried out as her nose broke in a sickening crunch of shattered cartilage.

He lifted his foot gently, looking down at her as she panted with blood streaming down her cheeks to the floor. “I don’t know what that shit is you’re mumbling, but you’d better find some English soon, bitch. Tell me what the fuck you know about that necklace, and why you’re here!” Suddenly Michael looked at Isabella, still waiting eagerly next to the door, a speculative look on his face.

“Isabella, you’ve seen the hard core stuff, right? The kind of sadistic shit that can’t even be on the internet, that makes even people like you and me think is fucking insane?”

Isabella nodded happily. “Oh, yes, Michael! Needles and fingernails and teeth and all the places that hurt – I used to date a girl in New York had done all that shit, she’d tell me about it and show me the videos and it was so fucking hot, Michael, just thinking about it now makes me wanna – ”

“Good,” Michael cut her off, and he looked back at Jane. Her eyes were wide as she realized where his cruelty was leading. “Isabella, I want you to do that stuff to Jane. All of it. More of it, fuck, get creative.” His gaze darkened even as he grinned wider. “I bet the more you make her scream, the better you’ll feel, Isabella. Isn’t that right?”

The drugged woman hummed happily in agreement and stepped towards Jane. The smaller woman curled into a foetal position, a desperate last defense, but she could see the shining eagerness filling Isabella’s expression. “Hindi ako tampalasan,” she whispered, voice muffled . “Tapat-ka. Tapat-ka.” Isabella showed no reaction but paused a moment, looking down on the huddled, shaking form of her friend.

“Hurt her!” Michael roared. Isabella smiled beatifically and reached down.

Jane closed her eyes. A moment later she began to scream.

When Theo returned, he could see by the expression on his brother’s face things weren’t going well. Michael looked tired and frustrated, glaring at the two naked women lying on the floor. Their bodies were entwined in some position that confused Theo at first. Jane was on her knees, ass in the air, face pushed down to the cement floor by Isabella’s foot which was thrust past the toes into the blonde’s mouth. Jane was grunting in pain as her mouth was stretched open further. Isabella’s pumped both hands roughly into the smaller woman’s ass and pussy. Both orifices were taking Isabella’s hands up to the wrists and deeper, her forearms slick with dark fluids that Theo didn’t want to think about. There was no technique or precision to the fisting – Isabella pushed in and out of Jane’s pelvis like she was kneading breat, pumping like a machine.

She smiled happily, grin widening with every grunt of agony she forced out of Jane. Theo stood transfixed, watching the piston-like lesbian rape, then jumped as Isabella suddenly bent her head and sank her teeth into Jane’s ass. She bit hard, and a trickle of blood ran down Jane’s hip to join the growing puddle of blood on the floor. Jane squeezed her eyes tighter at the pain and let out a high-pitched wail past Isabella’s foot.

“Ask her again,” Michael said in a dull, uninterested tone. “Quit toe-fucking her mouth, you stupid slut, and let her talk.”

Theo watched as Isabella’s grin disappeared, replaced with a worried frown at the thought that she might have displeased Michael. “Yes, Michael, I’m so sorry!” She drew her foot Jane’s mouth and the smaller woman gasped and snuffled past the blood and snot that covered her face. Isabella considered her victim for a moment and then pulled her hand out of Jane’s ass with a wet, sodden squelch. She reached over and grabbed her by the hair. Her other hand stayed wrist-deep in Jane’s vagina, and as she jerked her arms together the smaller woman’s torso arched up painfully, head thrown back. Jane’s eyes opened wide, rolling wildly around as if trying to get her bearings. The arch let Theo see the blood caked and oozing from Jane’s left nipple. It looked like it had been chewed by some rabid animal. On a hunch Theo glanced again at Isabella’s smiling, happy face and noticed the line of dried blood trailing down one side of her mouth.

As tough as he thought he was, Theo couldn’t suppress a shudder at the torturous scene the two women had been drugged into.

Isabella pulled back harder, letting Jane’s body weight force her hand deeper into the woman. Leaning forward, she murmured sweetly into her captive’s ear “I know! That hurts a lot, Jane. Thank you so much! It feels so fucking good when I hurt you!” Isabella’s voice was high, almost childlike with glee, except when it slipped down into moaning pleasure. Between the drug and Michael’s suggestions she was almost delirious with hedonistic abandon. With some difficulty, she continued her questioning.

“Jane, Michael wants to know more about that necklace of mine. The one that makes people like me – I mean, really like me, almost as much as I like you when you -” Her forearm flexed as her hand did something deep in Jane’s abdomen, and the smaller woman whimpered a shuddering breath. “What is it, Jane? Tell Michael what you know about it, Jane, he really wants to know.” Jane’s eyes widened as the redhaired woman shifted her hands again, their cruel grip belying the sweet and considerate tone. “C’mon, hon, tell him what he wants to know…”

Jane struggled to form words, and Michael leaned forward, eagerly. “Tigil, kaibigan-ko…tigil…umalis ka, tapat…” Theo watched his brother’s face darken with fury as he spit on the pair. Before it landed he turned to his younger brother.

“Fuck! That’s all we get out of her.” He shook his head in disgust. “Oh, she’s hurting, and she’s talking, even, but fuck if I understand a goddamn word. It’s not Russian, it’s not Greek, it’s not like any fucking language I’ve ever heard. Half the time it sounds like she’s choking on a cock, and that’s when Isabella isn’t ramming her foot down the bitch’s throat.” He noticed the cel phone Theo held. “Tell me you have good news?”

Theo hesitated, then looked away, shaking his head. “Not as much as you’d want. But you might enjoy this little feed from our spycam over at Tony’s place.”

He pressed the play button, and they watched the video from Tony’s bedroom, the Australian’s voice tinny as it came out of the small speaker. Neither Tony nor Kitten were in the frame but the audio was clear.

“What do you mean you don’t have the necklace, you fucking worthless bitch! That’s been the whole point of this! That redheaded slut was going to bring me that goddamned necklace and we’d be fucking set!”

‘There was meaty sound of a slap, heavy enough to make both Michael and Theo raise their eyebrows, smiling for a moment at each other. Kitten’s voice wailed up from the phone, mingling with Jane’s incoherent moans behind them. “You never TOLD me, you secretive bastard! How the fuck would I know? She didn’t have it when I got her from Padre – I searched her! Every inch, she wasn’t hiding anything, she was unconscious – ”

‘Tony’s voice came again, quieter, filled with a desperate resignation. “It’s over, then. They must have it. Fucking Doukas’. I fight that hard, and they still fucking get it all.” There was a shuffling sound and suddenly a suitcase landed on the bed, lid flapping open, and the brothers watched as Tony filled it with clothing and other items tossed from across the room. “Fuck it. I’m done here.”

‘Kitten’s voice was plaintive. “We’re done? Where will we go?”

Tony’s voice was flat. “I said I’m done, bitch. Done with Detroit, done with America, and certainly done with your sorry ass,” he broke off, suddenly sounding worried. “What are you – Put that down! Kitten, NO!”

There was a crashing sound of shattering glass and the couple’s angry shouts blurred into distorted squeaks in Theo’s hand. He stopped te video and looked at Michael. “That’s about it. The good news is, we won. But the bad news is…”

“They don’t have it either.” Michael sighed and looked again at the two women. Isabella had pulled her hand out of Jane’s pussy and was digging a finger into a nerve cluster at the base of the battered woman’s jaw. Eyes closed in orgasmic rapture, the redhead shuddered as Jane sobbed from the unrelenting pain. Her blonde hair was pasted to her sweaty forehead and tears streaked through the dried blood under her shattered nose. Michael finally lookd away, shaking his head. “Let her go, Isabella.”

‘The redhead immediately released Jane, who fell to the floor with a tired grunt. She landed painfully on her shoulder, avoiding further damage to the ruin of her face. Isabella’s hands went to the intricate network of knots securing Jane’s hands behind her back, releasing them.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Michael stood and rushed across the room, slapping Isabella across the face and away from the captive.

Theo was quick behind him, grabbing Jane’s wrists. His expression was grim as he braced for her attack, but Jane didn’t stuggle. She seemed barely conscious, murmuring over and over “Kaibigan ko…kaibigan ko…

Isabella was weeping, clutching desperately at Michael’s boot. “I’m so sorry, Michael, you said to let her go, I was just trying to- ”

Michael realized his error in phrasing. “Aw, fuck this shit, anyway.” He pulled his boot away from Isabella roughly, leaving her sobbing on the floor. “Give Jane the fucking magic potion, Theo, and let’s get this shit over with. I’m tired of looking at her tore-up ass.”

Theo nodded and warily released one of Jane’s hands. He fished a small vial of dark liquid from his jacket. Jane simply lay there, so Theo released her other hand and grabbed her jaw, quickly pouring the contents into her mouth. He clamped her jaw shut as she choked and swallowed it down. Theo nodded slowly. “That was…easier than I expected,” he said as he stood.

“How long til she cooperates?” Michael asked, and Theo smiled.

“She’s already, there, brother. Her last memory was when I shut her mouth.” He nudged her with his boot. “Watch this. Jane!”

Jane’s eyes opened wide at her name. Even through the swollen mass of her broken nose and bloody mouth they could see in her expression the same strange glow of unquenchable desire that filled Isabella’s eyes. Theo smiled. “Crawl over here and lick my boots.”

Shifting awkwardly, Jane struggled to her knees, her mouth a gruesome blood-encrusted smile. “O’o, Theo!” she burbled happily through her swollen mouth and shuffled in a duck-walk over to his feet. She bent down and she began licking the leather, moaning with pleasure around her tongue as she obeyed. Theo’s boot quickly was shining with the red blood and sputum from her broken nose. As he realized what was happening he cried out in disgust. “My boots!” He jumped away and Jane followed, the two of them doing a strange little chasing dance across the room.

Michael sighed, shaking his head tiredly. “Stop, Jane!” he called out. She froze immediately, crouched and panting, looking up adoringly at the two of them like an eager puppy. Theo looked sheepishly at his brother.

Ignoring him, Michael crouched. “OK, Jane, enough of this shit. What is that necklace?”

Jane looked up at him happily from her kneeling position. “Goom EAR! Sass dee,” she said.

Michael looked up angrily at Theo, but his brother just shook his head. “I don’t know! She should be fucking desperate to answer us now.”

His brother looked back at Jane, suddenly thoughtful. “Maybe she did. That didn’t sound like that other shit.” He leaned closer. “Jane, your nose is broken, so I think you need to tell me that again, and make it really clear, because that’s going to feel really, really good.” He crouched lower. “What is the necklace?”

Jane moved her mouth very carefully. “Kumir sast’i,” she said slowly, and then shivered as a wave of pleasure accompanied her success.

Michael smiled. “Kumir sast’i. Now we’re getting somewhere.” He looked at his brother, who still looked baffled. “It’s a Russian phrase, not that babble she’s been spouting. Translates to ‘Idol of Lust,’ pretty much.” Turning back to Jane, his smile became cruel. “That was a good answer, Jane. It probably feels so good you’re almost ready to come, aren’t you?” Jane moaned, hips moving reflexively even as she winced at the pain left from Isabella’s torture. “You can’t cum yet, Jane. First you have to tell me everything you know about the kumir sast’i.”

A torrent of syllables came from her mouth, but the Russian words were the only recognizable ones in the massive dump of information.

“Stop!” Michael shouted, standing up angrily. “Speak fucking English, goddamnit!”

Jane looked up at him, wide eyes innocent in the blackened raccoon bruises from her broken nose. “Pakiúlit ho?” she said. “Hindí ko náiintindihan…

Michael raised his fist, but Theo caught his arm. “Hit her if you want, brother, but it’s not going to help.” He motioned towards the broken woman kneeling, looking up at them both with eager eyes. “She wants to help. Hell, she probably thinks she is speaking English.” He shook his head and let go of his brother’s arm. “We’re not going to get anything more out of her.”

Michael glared at Theo a moment, fist still clenched, then relaxed it. “Fuck it, then. We’ll find the goddamn kumir and figure out how to use it later.” He waved dismissively at both Jane and Isabella. “Give ’em to BeeCee to make some more tapes, then get rid of whatever’s left.” He walked out of the room without a backwards glance.

Theo glanced up at the camera in the corner of the room. “You heard him, Beecee,” he said. The door was already opening, and the large biker walked in with an eager leer as he saw the two women, naked and filthy kneeling on the floor. A goat followed him in, led by a leash.

Theo shook his head. “Beecee, I don’t even want to know.” As he passed by the burly man’s laid a hand on his arm.

“Um…Theo…you sure she ain’t gonna…” Beecee winced as he touched his bandaged forehead with a worried expression.

Theo laughed. “Man, she’s dying to do whatever you ask. You don’t need ropes, whips, don’t need nuthin, just tell her what you want and she’ll do it.”

Beecee smiled. Pointing at a puddle of some indeterminate dark liquid on the floor, he tested Jane. “Lick that up, bitch!”

Jane immediately complied and his smile grew wider. Theo clapped him on the shoulder, glancing at the goat one more time and shook his head again as he left the room. As it clicked shut, Beecee pulled out a K-Bar knife and held it menacingly before Isabella.

“Scared now, aintcha, bitch?” he growled.

She shook her head, red curls bouncing over her shoulders.. “No, Beecee, but I will be if you want me to…” Beecee was confused and more than a little frustrated, not getting the cowering fear he was looking for. Behind him, the goat bleated, startling him. He felt off balance having willing partners for a change.

Taking a breath, he jumped back into familiar territory. “Fine, whatever. Jane!” At her name, the still-bound woman hopped over towards him. “Alright, slut, suck my cock!” He stood tall, waiting for her, and she fumbled with his rhinestone-encrusted buckle hanging low under his big belly. As she floundered he swore. “Goddamnit. Can’t you bitches do anything right? Do what I fucking tell you!” Unnoticed, the red lights on the cameras in each corner winked out one by one.

O’o, Baysay,” Jane said, awkwardly trying to stay on her knees but still reach up to his waistband. He swore again and grabbed a handful of ropes that wrapped across her back. He slid the edge of the k-bar through them, freeing her arms. “Salamat-po, BaySay,” she said happily. She quickly undid his pants and wrapped her mouth around his erection. She easily pushed forward, taking the length down her throat and burying her nose in his thick dark pubes. Holding there she worked her throat and sucked as he’d asked. She cupped his balls in one hand, fingernails lightly scraping against the sensitive skin.

Beecee’s eyes rolled up in pleasure. “Oh, god, fuck me blue!” he exclaimed.

Jane gave a happy little moan of acquiescence and did as she was told.

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