Kumir, Chapter 5: Audition

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Now, let’s join Mr. & Mrs. Nesmith as they prepare to give Jane her audition…

Moments later Tony was hitting the return key on his keyboard before turning to look at the bed. His wife was laying back against the pillows, head thrown back in abandon as Jane’s blonde head rotated and bobbed between her spread legs. Without the tight dress and thong his wife’s full figure was voluptuous, tanned soft curves rounding out the muscle painstakingly maintained by daily sessions with her personal trainer. Jane’s body was a lithe collection of creamy soft angles. She was on her knees, using her hands to spread Kitten’s labia as she lapped and sucked. The older woman moaned again and Tony saw Jane’s ass give a little wiggle as if in response. In the dim light of the bedroom he thought he could just see the glint of slick desire at the center of that peach of an ass. The sight made his cock throb and used up the last of his patience. “Alright, shela, there’s your money,” he said loudly, interrupting the sapphic delight.

Jane looked over her shoulder at him and then at the computer screen, which showed “REC $1500” in glowing green letters on a black background. She flashed him a smile and turned back to Kitten. She moaned louder as Jane’s tongue went back to work. Tony was about to protest when he noticed the blonde’s ass lifting higher, obviously trying to attract his attention. Jane’s legs spread a bit more and she arched her back, deliberately present him with as tempting a target as possible.

“That’s more like it, eh?” With a growl he moved out of his chair and towards the bed, closing his hands over her buttocks. She let out a happy hum as he squeezed. Tony swore softly as he felt the smooth muscle moving under his hands. He moved his thumbs to her cleft, spreading her cheeks wider. Finally he was rewarded with the sight of her pussy, dripping wet and thighs slick with desire. She gave a lower, louder moan as his thumbs plunged into her vulva, spreading it open like a dark pink blossom. “Yeh like that, my little blonde slut?” he said with a low rumble.

Her voice was muffled and punctuated by her slurping tongue as she coyly spoke directly into his wife’s cunt. “Yes, Mr. Nesmith, oh, fill me, fill me all the way, but please let me feel your hard paddle on my ass, I’ve been such a – ” slurp “- bad, bad girl.” Jane’s reached up, feeling her way along Kitten’s body, fingers feeling along each arm and seizing the woman’s wrists. She drew them down until the woman’s hands were entwined in the thick mop of blonde hair. Kitten opened her eyes then and looked down, a feral expression coming over her face as her grip tightened and pulled Jane’s face harder into her pussy.

“That’s right, little bitch, eat my pussy! I’ll fuckin’ drown you in cum, you little slut. Be my whore! Be my whore!” Kitten’s voice was ugly and harsh as her breathing quickened, and her eyes rolled back in her head as Jane’s met the challenge enthusiastically. Suddenly Kitten’s body rocked as an orgasm shook her, her moaning lifting into a scream.

Tony’s hand came down on Jane’s ass then, a large leather paddle in his grip. The smack filled the room and Jane let out a liquid yelp, face still buried in Kitten’s crotch. He smacked her again with the paddle, and then again, entranced by the round globes of Jane’s buttocks reddening and dancing in front of him. He looked down beyond Jane’s back and saw that she was no longer just licking her cunt. One small hand was buried up to the wrist in his wife’s pussy, while Jane’s tongue still fluttered against the dark pink bud of Kitten’s clit. For a moment the blonde woman lifted her head, catching her breath, and he saw his wife’s clitoris engorged and popping out of its hood like an tiny nocturnal animal venturing into the night. He brought the paddle down again on Jane’s ass, taking satisfaction as she cried out. She looked back at him for a moment, flashing a glance at him with a startling expression. He didn’t see pain or lust there – she looked at him with dispassionate evaluation. With a shock he realized that the paddle in his hands was not driving her wild with passion.

As he looked at the red cheeks, still moving under his hands, he realized the reverse was true. Her ass mesmerized him even now with serpentine movement. Suddenly uncertain, he brought the paddle down in a half-hearted swipe. At the same time, he felt a growing pressure at his crotch.

Looking down he saw her feet moving, prehensile toes moving at his waistband, pulling down his zipper with unbelievable speed and disappearing into his gaping fly. His eyes widened and he let out a grunt as he felt the toes do something unspeakably dirty and wonderful to his cock. Shuddering, he almost lost his balance, catching himself by dropping the paddle and grabbing Jane’s ass with both hands, leaning against her even as her feet continued to work inside his trousers. His breath was hoarse, a percussive counterpoint to his wife’s guttural moans as Jane’s fist and tongue drove her into cascading orgasms. The bed under Kitten’s crotch was sodden with ejaculate, and Tony’s eyes widened as he saw Jane’s pumping hand draw another squirting stream out of his wife as she came again.

Jane looked back and caught his eye again, and he wondered if he’d imagined it the first time, because now her eyes were filled with a dark lust, as if she were daring him not to come all over her questing toes as they stroked and squeezed and…

Tony let out a ragged screaming roar as he felt his cock erupt and shoot all over her foot, still inside of his trousers.

Jane gave a low chuckle and slowly drew her foot out of his pants, white semen glistening across the arch and toes. He sagged then, falling to his knees against the side of the bed, watching with pleasure-dulled awareness as she twisted with a gymnast’s flexibility. She extended her leg up past her still-pumping fist inside Kitten until her foot was inches from the woman’s face. “Come on, Kitten,” Jane coaxed, punctuating her words with rhythmic thrusts. “Lick the hot cum off your dirty slut’s foot. Let me feel that sweet mouth on my toes…” Without even opening her eyes, still moaning softly as another orgasm rolled through her, Kitten’s mouth opened and her tongue lapped out, tasting Jane’s foot and suddenly sucking her husband’s cum from between the toes, licking and slurping up the instep as far as she could reach. “That’s a good kitten…” Jane softly murmured. She slowly pulled her wrist out of the incoherent woman, patting her cunt affectionately before sitting up and turning to look at Tony.

The man was sitting at the foot of the bed, a confused look on his face.

“What…” he began, looking up at her, trying to find words through the haze of endorphins. “What just happened?”

“Mr. Nesmith!” Jane’s tone was one of mock indignation as she pulled a blanket from the side of the bed and covered Kitten with it, the woman’s snores starting to gain volume as she fell into sated unconscousness. “You know as well as I do what I just did.” Standing, she stepped daintily over him, patting his thinning hair as he sat there, still dressed in the suit he’d been wearing when she’d come in his front door. A dark stain was growing on his trousers, just to the left of his open zipper.

She gave him a merry smile. “I just passed my ‘audition’.” A thoughtful look crossed her face, then, as she paused at the door. “Of course, I wonder how pleased Kitten will be with a video of her licking your cum off my toes while my fist is rammed up her cunnie.” She watched with a satisfied look as Tony’s face began to fill with horror and realization.

“Then again, Mr. Nesmith, I don’t remember you ever taking the time to turn that thing on.” Nodding to the corner of the room, she directed his gaze to the video camera mounted on an expensive tripod, red recording light conspicuously absent. “Lucky you, eh, Mr. Nesmith? Don’t worry, I’ll see myself out.” With a final smile that didn’t reach her eyes, she slipped out into the hall.

As she shut the door and turned to go down the hall, she almost bumped into the tall guard. “Ah! Schmuckballs!” Again she lifted her middle fingers in a double salute, both fingers naked and still glistening with Kitten’s fluids. “Remember me? I was just coming to find you. They’ve given me a room here, right?” The man nodded grimly, as if unwilling to open his mouth for fear of what might come out. “Great. Show me to it. I’m powerful tired.”

He paused, then seemed to simply deflate, unable to muster any defiance in the face of her post-coital glow. As he wordlessly led her down the hall, she softly sang to herself. “A woman’s work is never, ever done…”

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