Kumir, Chapter 12: (part the second) The Duel

Georgia swallowed in between gasps, and found her voice. “Yes, mistress, oh, yes, everything – anything – oh, mistress.” Her eyes were wide and shining with tears that ran down her cheeks.

Jane smiled , eyes hard. “Know what I love, Georgia? I love tits. You, Georgia, have magnificent tits.  Luscious tits, in fact, they match your lips.” She leaned in just a few millimeters closer to the trembling woman. “I really want to kiss those lips, Georgia. I want to take those fucking amazing tits in my mouth and suck those pretty dark nipples til you scream. “But,” Jane paused, and the smile disappeared, her expression turning grave. “I can’t do that right now, Georgia. I want to, but I can’t. Do you know why?”

Georgia’s mouth made a helpless bewildered moue, and Jane took a moment to solicitously stroke a few strands of hair away from the puzzled woman’s face. Shaking her head slightly, she explained. “I only want beautiful things from you, Georgia. and you don’t much like your mouth or your tits, do you?” The tears fell steadily, Georgia’s face looking crestfallen even upside down as Jane’s words sank in. “If you hate what you give me, that’s not worth very much, is it?”

“Quit talking, ya silvery bitch, people want to see you  fucking her, not blabbing at her blubbery ass!” Theo mocked from across the room. He was laying back on a table while Ksenya rode his cock, her arms lifted overhead, hair tossing in dark swirls matching her rotating hips. Her mouth was frozen open in a rictus of orgasm that was as obviously faked as it was skilled, her lithe muscles moving with catlike grace over Theo.

Jane didn’t react at all. In spite of Theo’s bravado, more than half of the club was watching – and listening – to Jane’s slow conquering of the redheaded cook.

“I want you to love those tits as much as I do, Georgia,” she was saying. “I want you to see them the way I see them.”

“H-h-how, mistress?” Georgia pleaded.

“Well, let’s start by looking at them together, my pretty southern slut. Lift them up and let me see them proud. Do it, girl, do it for me.” Georgia’s hands, which had been hanging helplessly down at her sides, came up, fingers spread to catch the curving side of her breasts, first stroking, then grasping the fleshy curves in her hands and pushing them up like lascivious offerings to  a fertility goddess. “That’s it, peach,” Jane crooned. “I like how you are playing with them. Do that some more for me, honeysweet. Show me and everyone else how fantastic your tits are.” Jane’s voice commanded now. “Show it to yourself, sweetling.”

Georgia moaned as she squeezed harder, pulling at the flesh in kneading, rolling motions, the dusky skin of her breasts turning an umber red as her fingers dug in.

“Nipples, Georgia!” Jane’s voice was harder. “Twist those nipples up for me!” A low murmur of approval came from the women and men watching as Georgia took a nipple in each hand, twisting her fingers until the dark brown nubs were pulled into distended cones tipping each breast. Her eyes closed and she moaned with the sensation.

“Harder, you sweet bitch!” Jane’s ordered. “Pull them up high and proud for me. Up, I said! Make those tits touch the fucking sky, slut! Higher!” Jane was shouting directly into Georgia’s inverted face, still held immobile by the grip in her hair. The gasps coming from the contorted woman were more like hoarse moans, slowly merging into a low humming sound that wove in counterpoint to Jane’s harsh commands, their intimate exchange still somehow audible over the techno beats that filled the club.

Jane moved closer, eyes fierce, until she was only millimeters from the wide eyed woman under her. “I SAID HARDER, BITCH, DON’T MAKE ME HAVE TO RIP THEM OFF!”  Georgia’s hands spasmed, pulling the nipples until they stretched nearly triple their length. Her scream was a mixture of rapture and agony that turned the heads of the last few Incubikers and women still paying attention to Theo. Jane’s hand came down with a clap over Georgia’s open mouth, silencing the scream so abruptly that the room seem to collectively catch it’s breath at the sudden absence of the ecstatic howl. Jane shifted her fingers up so that she blocked both Georgia’s mouth and nose. The woman’s eyes widened as her body quickly used up the last of her oxygen.

Keeping her face close, Jane watched the woman struggle, and let the moment stretch until Georgia’s eyes began to flutter near unconsciousness. Then, voice softened into a comforting, cajoling tone, she murmured “Let go, peach. Give those beauties a rest. You’ve done well.”  She moved her fingers slightly, letting some air in, and simultaneously Georgia let go of her nipples and began kissing Jane’s hand, covering it in a flurry of devotion. Jane smiled and hummed contentedly as she slowly lifted her hand.

“Oh, thank you, mistress, thank you, thank you…” Georgia was almost gibbering, quieting only when Jane laid a finger across her lips.

“I’im going to give your back a break, beautiful slut, and you’re going to go face-down ass-up for me as fast as you can, got it?” Georgia nodded as best she could in Jane’s tight grip, her tearful eyes wide and eager. “Good. You lift that ass high for me and show off those pretty curves. Make me proud, peach.” Jane pushed up on the back of Georgia’s head. The sudden release of tension made Georgia gasp and moan as her muscles loosened.

Jane’s push gave her momentum to fall forward, hands naturally folding in to cradle her face as it lowered to the floor. Her back curved up gracefully as she adjusted her knees to support her ass, lifted high for Jane. The smooth beauty of her posture was in stark contrast to the curled and broken form of Elsie across the room near Theo and Ksenya’s mechanical fucking. The blonde woman was still semi-conscious, bleeding from both broken nose and violated ass. The bottle still stuck halfway in her sphincter, the tissues too stressed and ripped to eject it fully. Though the Incubikers snuck guilty glances her way, no one moved to help, as if she were somehow a pariah. Jane’s gazed out at them for a moment, her expression calculating and dispassionate. Most of them missed it, though, as she turned quickly to look down at Georgia’s curves.

Theo could tell he was losing, and losing badly. Only two people were still watching Ksenja’s exotic dance moves as he pumped into her. “Time to fucking change gears,” he muttered, and grasped her hips. He lifted her entirely off his cock and pushed her to her knees on the table. He shoved the Russian woman’s head down roughly, which put her into roughly the same position as Georgia across the room. The rounded curve of Ksenya’s ass was the only softness in the stark line of ribs, flat stomach, and skinny legs.

“Now that’s an ass,” Theo said loudly. He lifted a hand and spanked her hard, the a loud smack of impact breaking the  the room as it landed. Ksenja let out a loud theatrical shriek and waggled her ass like a playful puppy begging for more.

Tony swatted her again and again, the thwack-thwack of his palm hitting her flesh keeping time with the beat of the music. He grinned and put more shoulder into it, enjoying the site of her wiggling cheeks turning red. “Let her have it, Tony! Fuck that shit up!” came an encouraging voice from behind him.

“Damn right!” he said, grinning back over his shoulder at Timmy, an IncuBiker pledge watching with an eager, idol-worshippers gaze on his face. Theo’s grin faded, however, as he realized that the neophyte gang member was the only person still watching him work Ksenja over. Everyone else in the club was entranced by the scene being played out across the room between Jane and Georgia.

The submissive cook was now completely naked, her denim jeans laying in a pool of blue strips ripped onto the floor next to her. She seemed totally comfortable with her nakedness, posture straight and proud as a queen even with her hands bound behind her where Jane had started the rope. Georgia’s radiated a relaxed and beautiful confidence in her submission. Her brown skin stretched in a smooth curve across her full belly, its round under her breasts. Her nipples jutted out a dark, swollen red, obviously still tender from her ordeal. Georgia lifted her head up at Jane’s direction like a supplicant at an altar. At a touch of Jane’s hand she spread her smooth thighs wide, revealing a glistening tousle of black kinked hair streaked with gray peeking out from the ropes Jane was pulling between her legs.

Jane stood over her, swaying in graceful arcs as she moved her arms circular weaves as she bound the woman who knelt below her. Her rope was thick, a tawny brown color. As Jane drew it across torso and limb Georgia’s skin seemed to glow with a dark sheen as the rope caressed her. Jane wove it with doubled strands traveling over the shoulders, around the arms and under Georgia’s breasts. As she drew it tight the woman’s body was shaped subtly, breasts jutting out more, arms hugging tighter to her body, head lifting higher on waves of sensation. Jane deftly created a series of knotted diamonds  that flowed like a net across Georgia’s stomach, the rope disappearing in the dark cleft of her labia. Georgia moaned softly, eyes shining as Jane pulled tighter.

The ropes bound Georgia’s body the way paint binds canvas, pulling form and texture and shape into every breath. The slightest movement became a journey through a land of sweaty desire bordered by rope and the hand of her mistress. Instead of distorting Georgia’s body, the harness framed her large belly in a way that drew the eye across the smooth stretch of skin as it flowed into the generous curve of hip and thigh. The bindings gave the her something to push against even as Jane added another knot to the pattern.

Georgia breathed slow and even, hypnotized by Jane’s graceful and efficient tying. The petite woman came to the knotted ends of a length of rope and reached without looking for another one from the open case on the floor beside her. A smooth flicking twist of her arm created a loop in the new length and Jane fit it over the other ropes. She hissed her breath out as she pulled it tight, merging the new strands with the knotted lengths already covering Georgia’s body.

Finally Jane stood up behind Georgia, rising in draped wavy lengths of silver like  a benevolent deity. Her face shone with perspiration and her eye glowed with a predatory energy as looked down at the sculpture of flesh and rope she’d created. Georgia was the image of pure devotion inspired by lust, eyes focused unwaveringly up towards Jane, her entire body a pledge of surrendered desire.

Jane gently lay her hand on Georgia’s cheek, giving a slight push. “Turn around, darlin’, but keep that pussy wide open,” There was a strange awkward innocence as the larger woman wobbled around on her knees. It somehow intensified the sense of devotion between the two women, and none of the watchers made a sound as the tableau changed.

As Georgia turned to kneel and face Jane, her position revealed the explosion of tight cords emanating from the a complex tangle of rope knotted at the center of her spine. Her hands wer relaxed and splayed open in a mini-star that echoed the shape of the harness. The ties continued down to frame her wide round ass in long tight curves. Even the stretch marks at her waist seemed embellishments to the corded design, like tiny skin-toned flames. She looked up at Jane expectantly, her mouth level with the tight knot of pearls hanging down near dominant lady’s silver-clad waist.

Jane looked down at the woman, then up at the rest of the room. Every IncuBiker and mates were looking at her, even Ksenja at the table, laying forgotten by Theo’s hand. He watched too, face angry but no less entranced by the women’s scene. Jane smiled as she caught his eye and gave a slight, almost apologetic nod, acknowledging her victory.

Then her hand lifted, slow and deliberate, across her chest to her shoulder. She held it for just a moment, letting the anticipation rise, and then in a dramatic flourish she peeled the dress off with one smooth motion. She stood naked save for the long skein of pearls traveling down her naked body and her white stiletto boots.

Jane’s skin was flushed from the ropework, the tips of her nipples hard cones of pink tipping each breast. As the silver dress fluttered to the floor, Georgia let out a whimper of longing, and the room inhaled with one startled gasp.

Jane stood strong and powerful, looking down at Georgia again. “You think maybe you earned some of this, peach? You want a taste of my honey, sweetling?” The words were light but Jane’s expression was stern, and the kneeling woman quickly realized the question was not rhetorical.

“Yes, mistress!” she said quickly. “Please, please may I taste you? Please?” Her eyes widened in fear as she saw Jane start to frown.

“I’m not sure I believe you, Georgia. ‘Yes, Mistress.’ ‘No, Mistress.’ What a fucking cliché. You say them so quick and easy – makes me wonder how sincere you really are. Maybe I’m just another dom you’re using to get your clit hard.”

Georgia’s eyes filled with tears as she desperately sought some way to persuade Jane of her sincere adoration. “Oh, Mistress…I’m sorry, mistress,” she began, and then rocked back as Jane slapped her hard across the cheek.

“Don’t tell me you’re fucking sorry, slut!  Tell me what exactly you want. Tell me why you want it.”

“I…I want to taste you, Mistress…oh!” she cried out again as another slap from Jane’s hand rocked her head to the side.

“Taste me? Taste me? I am not an appetizer, you timid whore, I have a juicy, nasty, hot and steamy delicious fecund cunt and if you want to taste it you’d better know how to say it!” She slapped Georgia again, the opposite cheek reddening.  “Now tell me what you want to do!”

“I want to taste your cunt, mistress.”

Jane slapped her again. “Taste it how, bitch?”

“I want to lick it, mistress!”

Slap! “I’m not convinced. Tell me more, dammit, seduce me!”

Georgia wailed. “I want to devour that cunt, Mistress!” Slap. Her voice rose in desperation. “Please! Let me drink your nasty beautiful juices, I want your clit grinding against my mouth,”

Slap. Now the words just seemed to pour out of her, “Smother me with your cum, please just let me taste that hot nasty pussy just once, mistress, I’ll eat you out like no other whore can!”

Finally Jane stopped her hand in mid-air, a surprised and satisfied look on her face. “Well,” she said, lowering her hand slowly. “Why didn’t you just say so?” She pulled Georgia’s head down between her legs. Her hips cocked her hips forward and she twisted with a slow grind against Georgia’s face. Jane used the harness to pull Georgia closer with every thrust, and the kneeling woman’s clenched and released her tightly-bound hands as she licked and sucked the pussy in front of her.

Michael had watched the whole scene from the table in the corner of the club. Zhenya’s blonde head bobbed lackadaisically up and down in his lap as she gave him a blowjob. He seemed completely oblivious to her efforts, his gaze  sour as he watched Jane. Her eyes were closed as she rode Georgia’s tongue into a shuddering orgasm, her neck stippled her neck with a red flush of pleasure.

Michael turned his scowl to look at his brother, and Theo’s face turned red too, with shame. There was no way to deny Jane the prize, a night with Michael’s coveted Isabella. Theo couldn’t meet his brother’s eyes as he realized how much he’d cost his brother’s pride.

In desperation Theo decided to try one last time to get the audience back. Grabbing Ksenja, he whispered urgently in her ear, hands pantomiming angrily in the air as he tried to give her an idea of what he wanted. The Russian woman looked at him quizzically for a moment, then shrugged and slid down off the table.

She stepped over Elsie’s unconscious body and made her way through the rapt audience of IncuBikers and their women, none of whom moved from their places. Ksenja paused for a moment and looked back towards the doorway to the kitchen where the other cook Ophelia stood in the doorway. The older woman’s face was streaked with tears as she watched her fellow cook lost in erotic surrender to Jane.

Ksenja looked back again towards Theo, who motioned angrily for the Russian woman to continue. She shrugged again, turned, and strutted over to where Jane continued to ride Georgia’s mouth like a slow-motion bull rider. The blonde domme’s eyes were closed tight in pleasure,  one hand still tangled in Georgia’s kinky black curls, pulling her harder up against her pussy.

Ksenja considered the pair for a moment, as if searching for something. Then, carefully, the slender whore stretched her long neck forward, leaning towards Jane who seemed oblivious in orgasmic bliss. As Ksenja’s lips came close to Jane’s ecstatic O-shaped mouth, she closed her eyes in anticipation of the kiss.

Then she opened them wide in shock. Jane’s free hand was clamped around Ksenja’s jaw, an iron grip holding the Russian woman’s lips motionless. Jane glared at the invading woman with cold fury, and Ksenja let out a helpless squeak like a mouse caught by a raptor. Jane’s ice-angry gaze burned into Ksenja for a moment longer, then she hissed “Nyet, davalka!” and pushed the Russian whore to the floor.

Jane looked angrily across the room at Tony. “When I want one of your bitches, asshole, I’ll take one,” she said scornfully. “Meantime, keep your fucking sloppy seconds to yourself.” Jane returned her focus to Georgia, pulling the woman’s face away from her crotch and smiled at her  slick wet cheeks. “Don’t mind those bastards, my sweet little peach. Right now the only thing on my mind is how much I want my fist inside of you. You think that might make you cum, my beautiful pussy-lickin’ nasty girl?”

Georgia giggled happily. “Yes, Mis- I mean, yes…” she paused, eyes shifting down to the right, searching for the right words. Jane waited, and smiled as Georgia’s dark eyes lifted and met hers. Taking a deep breath that lifted her breasts high, she spoke loud and clear “I want your hard fist deep in my hot pussy, Mistress! I want to be your cumslut, Mistress!” The release of the words seemed to liberate something inside of her. Her dark skin flushed a dusky rose at the delicious shame of giving voice to the lust that filled her.

Jane didn’t hesitate. “Get on your back, slut.” She reached into her case one more time and pulled out what looked like a steel cigarette case. She popped it open and drew out a black latex glove, snapping it over her hand. She reached again and took out a small leather-encased glass bottle with a cork stopper. As Georgia lay back and let her legs fall open, Jane laughed and tossed the bottle back into the case. “Oh, my, peach, I shoulda known you wouldn’t need any lube in that eager snatch.” Reaching down, she pushed a single finger into Georgia’s vulva, watching the woman’s lush curves pressing against the rope harness as she arched back in ecstasy.

Jane glanced up at the room. Every eye was on her and Georgia. She gave a hard, satisfied smile. “Gather round, people, you might learn something.” She began to move her hand smoothly and rhythmically in and out of Georgia’s cunt, crooning words that weren’t really words but more syllables that were pregnant with lewd suggestion. Her ungloved hand traced circles in the tangles of hair and rope above the woman’s labia. Occasionally Jane pressed a knot or pulled a strand on the harness and Georgia would moan louder, arching up as another finger slipped in, then another and another. All of  Jane’s knuckles and half her palm were pumping deep inside by the time she folded the tip of her thumb into her palm and pushed it to the edge of Georgia’s labia.
The IncuBikers were still watching intently, lulled by the strange words that Jane intoned in a rhythmic, sonorous tone. When she suddenly slipped back into English they blinked with shock, but she wasn’t paying any attention to them. Jane focused on Georgia’s eyes, wide and pleading. “Peach, I’m about to fuck you as deep and hard as you’ve ever been fucked. Just let go and let it happen, darlin’. Let yourself cum and cum and fall as far and deep as you need to. My ropes have you safe.” Jane’s voice deepened with a ritualistic significance. “My ropes will catch you.”
Georgia closed her eyes tightly and writhed on the table, impaled on Jane’s hand. With frantic need she nodded. “Yes…mistress..fuck me, please, fuck me…FUCK…ME!” Her eyes opened wide in shocked pleasure as Jane pushed her hand slowly but inexorably into her pussy. Fingers, thumb, and palm all disappeared until Jane was in up to her wrist. Jane didn’t stop there, feeling Georgia’s body take her hand even deeper. Looking at the woman under her, Jane’s smile was fierce as she clenched, forearm flexing as she curled her hand inside Georgia, creating a balled fist that pressed up against the g-spot. She thrust in and stroked out, over and over, watching Georgia fall deeper with every motion into the impending orgasm.

Finally Georgia let out a triumphant roar as Jane whispered “That’s it, baby, cum!” Georgia screamed was overwhelming as the orgasm rolled over her. Her cunt gushed clear fluid in spurts around Jane’s wrist, and the blonde woman smiled and pulsed her fist inside Georgia’s pussy, every clench rewarded with a slightly diminished gush and another guttural moaning scream. Finally there seemed no cum left in her, but Jane was relentless, taking Georgia three more orgasms. Each one made the lush curves of her body press up into the ropes with a rictus of pleasure. When she finally collapsed there was an audible splash from the slick puddle of cum now covering the table.

Jane drew her wrist out slowly. Her other hand rested comfortably on the dark curve of skin pressing up between the ropes on Georgia’s belly. “You want to stay in those ropes a while, darlin’?” she asked softly.

Georgia’s eyes were closed, but she murmured “Yes, please, mistress…” Jane draped the silver cloth like a blanket over the woman’s body like a benediction.

She looked up at the crowd around her and her face changed mercurially, suddenly back into her mischievous self. There was no trace of the harsh domme or lesbian ravisher. “Show’s over, folks, you paid your ticket, I’m afraid that afterglow is not included.” She stood as the crowd began to disperse, the Incubikers and their women talking quietly with each other. The music had been shut off at some point during the scene, or just run out, but the silence that filled the clubhouse somehow fit the sacred mood.

Tony approached the table as Jane stepped down off of it. He looked like a sullen teen caught shoplifting. “Um…ok, guess you won. That was a pretty hot scene, and I…I apologize for sending Ksenja over. I… I guess I just thought if two lesbians were hot, three would be – ”

“I know what you thought, Tony,” Jane said, and he couldn’t tell if her tone was angry or playful. “But you lost before you even made the bet. You just showed them porn, buddy-boy.” She waved towards Ksenja, who sat near Georgia, staring at the sated woman with a thoughtful expression. “I showed them kink, Tony, and there’s no porn that’s gonna to match that.”

Tony looked uncomfortable with the metaphysical turn of the discussion, and he tried to change the subject. “Anyway, my brother is good for the bet. You’ll get your time with Isabella.”

Jane laughed, reaching up and tousling his hair. “No rush, m’boy, even us hot bi babes need a little recovery time.” She looked over at Michael, who glared sullenly from his chair in the corner of the room. Zhenya sat at his feet, ignored. “I’m kinda surprised to see him still here, actually. Figured he’d be off saving your butt from that recording.”

Tony’s gaze suddenly became alert. “Recording? What recording?”

Jane looked at him, innocent and surprised. “The recording of you and the whores from the truck this morning. You saw the camera, didn’t you? When I saw the tow truck taking the tanker away, I figured you boys would just take care of it later…I mean, Tony chartered the truck, so he and Kitten probably know about it…” Her expression turned sly as she took in Tony’s panicked expression. “Of course, given the right incentive, I could just tell you the name of the towing company that took the tanker…” As the big man growled, she turned away. “Oh, never mind, you’re right, you lost enough bets today. I’m sure there’s enough time for you to track it down yourself.”

Theo’s hand wasn’t quite threatening as he touched her shoulder, but she could tell it was taking a lot for him to control his temper. Michael could also see his brother’s distress, and was rising from his chair. “What…do…you…want?” Tony grated out, as his brother arrived.

“Same thing I always want, sexy man. Fifteen hundred dollars.”

Michael began to protest, but Theo said “Pay her, Michael. Now,” and something in his tone shut the older brother’s mouth.

Jane smiled sweetly. “And if you don’t mind, could it be in cash this time?” She held up her hand, still slick almost to the elbow with Georgia’s cum. “My ring’s not exactly handy right now, y’know?”

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