KUMIR, Chapter 17: INTERLUDE: Rollerskating with Buffalo


“Yo, Jason. What’s shakin’, mon frere.?”

“I’m still on the trail of the damned thing. There’s been a complication, though.”

“So I heard. A complication named Jane. If even half the rumors are true, she’s quite a handful. You think she’s hunting it too?”

“Not sure. Maybe. Could be she’s just trying to make some money, fast.”

“Let me know if you need your big brother. Even though it’s not my normal gig – I’m more the guy who swoops in and rescues the dude or damsel from off the tracks.”

“Yeah, but then you keep forgetting to untie them.”

“True, but hey, guy can’t think of everything. You got the brains, I’m stuck with the looks. It should be noted that those hypothetical dudes and damsels never complain.”

“True enough. Anyway, Jane isn’t what I’d call a damsel…but I worry she’s headed for trouble.”

“Not sure that’s our circus or our monkeys, brother mine. She’s not a sex mage, right? Just a hot lil’ switch with some manic pixie whip skills.”

“No, I don’t think she’s one of us, but…”


“She’s more than your average sex worker. Or your above-average one, for that matter.”

“Still not under our tent. Why are you calling me, brother?”

“I’m not sure. Call it a hunch. She’s trying to rollerskate in a buffalo stampede, and I think that things could go very wrong for her.”

“Ah. So I’m backup?”

“Yes. So that I can stay focused on finding the kumir strast’i.

“Hey, you think she’s worth the trouble, that’s good enough for me. Can’t stay long, though. Shit’s getting weird in a real way down here, too.”

“I only need you here a day or two. When it hits, it’s going to hit hard.”

Pas de probleme, ami. I’ll be there in four hours.”

Jason closed his cel phone and put it away. “Hope that’s fast enough,” he murmured thoughtfully as he picked up another spotless coffee mug to polish.

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