Kumir, Ch. 4: Meet the Nesmiths

Apologies for the tardiness of this next installment; I let other priorities distract me from my goal of releasing a chapter a week. I will endeavor to be more prompt, promise, especially as things are about to REALLY heat up…

Crossing the street, they approached the dark building that housed “T.S. Enterprises” according to the burnished steel letters on the side of the building. As they approached the door the woman saw the camera she’d sent the message through was accompanied by more cameras at regular intervals all around the building. The doorway itself was a seamless black slab resembling black slate, no knobs or hinges visible in the twelve-foot tall slabs, each half that in width, that formed the front entrance. As her escort paused in front of them, she looked expectantly up at him.

Though he tried to maintain his disdainful composure, he finally gave in to her inquisitive gaze and said “What!?!” with the desperate tone of someone who feels harassed but is not sure why.

“Are you kidding?” she said, gesturing with a hand at the doors. “C’mon, with doors like this, I’m just waiting for you to toss a bone in the air so it becomes a space station or something.” Her expectant grin faltered as he just stared at her with a blank, faintly hostile stare. “Oh, c’mon, you’ve never seen 2001: A Space Odyssey?” She shook her head, muttering to herself “Honestly. What are they teaching the children these days…” She reached out and tapped the wall with a knuckle, the tiny brass rivets on her fingerless gloves making a rat-at-tat sound. “So, what do we ‘Speak, friend, and enter?'” Glancing up at the guard’s blank face, she shook her head. “Never mind. What are we waiting for.”

The guard held a finger to his ear, listening to an unseen voice. Then he looked at her with a smug smile. “Seems you’ve got a few items we don’t exactly feel comfortable with around the boss. So I’m going to have to do a…” he licked his lips suggestively “thorough search.” He flexed his hands in anticipation and stepped towards her.

She held up a hand. “I’ve got a better idea, Schmuckballs. Let me save everybody some time.” Under his astonished gaze she rapidly unbuckled, unzipped, and unbuttoned her entire ensemble, a pile of brass, denim, and brown leather slowly pooling at her feet. In less than a minute she was completely naked, nipples pink and hard in the cool morning air, a thick tuft of blond hair at her pubis trimmed into a neat triangle. Her breasts were full and round, looking mature without being out of proportion for her relatively tiny body, and her skin had a soft cream color that was almost luminous. She stood with her weight evenly distributed on both feet, looking up at the flabbergasted guard with a calm, expectant expression. Then she very deliberately lifted her middle fingers in a double fuck-you, a thin silver band on one and a large amber stone gracing the ring on the other. “There. That satisfy you?” She waited, but the guard seemed mesmerized by the tiny nubs tipping her breasts. She sighed. “Oh. Right. I’m supposed to satisfy someone with more brain cells, obviously.”

Looking up, she noticed another video camera, and smiled at it. Lifting her hands behind her head, she cocked her hip jauntily and stepped forward, pivoting like a beauty contestant displaying the goods. As she turned, she revealed an ass of cream-colored skin broken by long lateral bruises like thin shadows across each cheek. As he saw them, the guard’s breath left him in a long hiss, and she shot him an inquisitive look as she finished turning. “What? A girl can’t enjoy a good caning once in a while? Ask your Master’s voice if we can go in now, Schmuckballs, it’s fucking cold out here.”

At this he seemed to recover himself, growling at her. “Stop calling me that, you cu-” his voice broke off and his eyes unfocused in widened surprise as he listened to unseen commands. “Sir? Yes, sir. Of course not, sir. Right away, sir.” Swallowing, he stepped back from the door as it opened and without looking at her motioned for the nude woman to walk in. “Please come in, Ms…” again he left it a question, and again she ignored it as she sauntered past, patting his arm as she went past.

“Be a dear and fold up my kit, won’t you, Schmuckballs?” A vein in his forehead bulged, but he simply said “Yes, ma’am,” and bent to gather the clothing as she disappeared inside.

The lobby of T.S. Enterprises continued the black slate and steel theme of the outer doors, this time with a stone floor leading to a glass and chrome latticework stairway leading up to a ring of offices, the atrium continuing up six stories to a skylight filtering the gray-bright morning sky. The woman walked up to the base of the stairs, ignoring the security guard at the tiny desk and looking up them to the man descending. “Tony Nesmith, I presume?” she said, her voice not quite a purr as her weight shifted, one hip cocking a little further in front.

“None other, shela, and I’m beginning to like making your acquaintance more and more.” Tony unabashedly looked her up and down, eyes evaluating with a professional detachment that nonetheless showed a happy grin on his face as he took in her body. At a slight gesture of his hand she turned, with the calm smile of one who is simply replaying a gift already given. His eyes widened slightly at the sight of her ass striped with bruises from a past caning, and his nostrils flared slightly. “Mmmm…I do like a woman who knows what she’s got and isn’t afraid to flaunt it.”

“Like me, honey?” came a soprano, slightly nasal voice from higher up the stairs, and both of them looked up to see Kitten descending to meet her husband. Her outfit did certainly flaunt something, though how flattering it was seemed a bit more debatable. The naked woman seemed to have some trouble keeping a grin off of her face as she watched the former star descend, a skin-tight spandex dress painted on her rubenesque curves, a keyhole neckline showing off cleavage like a miniature ass crack in her chest. The implants in her breast seemed to move slightly out of sync with her body, and there was a definite dimple in the curve of her hip where a too-small thong bit into her waistline.

Her perfect teeth smiled predatorily at the young naked woman at the base of the stairs, scarlet lipstick opulently lacquered under the smoothest unwrinkled cheeks money could buy. Impossibly long lashes surrounded eyes that would have been liquid in a more slender face, but which now seemed to squint out from the round fleshiness surrounding her visage. Her hair was big and sweeping in frosted blonde and sandy brunette strata that would have been almost still in style a decade before. Like her breasts, it seemed to move somehow independently of her body motion or, for that matter, gravity, and as she finished her descent and took her husbands arm, he seemed to deflate a little, the sag of a man who has been too long in battle and now simply has resigned himself to his fate.

“Yes, dear.” He smiled at her, and there was the echo of real affection in his gaze. “Of course like you. Doesn’t she look like a yummy little treat, though?” His heavy Australian accent made the word sound like “trite.” “I daresay you’d like to sink your teeth into that cute little arse yourself, darlin’.” Addressing the woman, still contrapostally posed at the base of the stairs. “What should we call you, Little Miss Stripey Butt.”

A coy smile crossed the woman’s face. “Cute as that name is, I’m actually called ‘Jane’.” Her smiled dimpled. “It’s an honor to meet you, Miss Kitten. I’ve been an admirer and fan for decades.” Kitten’s eyes widened angrily, but there was too much innocence in Jane’s words to take real offense.

Instead she laughed again, a false staccato sound. “Jane? As in, Plain Jane?” Her hand tightened territorially over her husband’s arm while he simply endured their verbal fencing.

“Actually, ma’am, more like ‘Calamity’, as those Incubikers found out.” Jane straightened, all posing gone from her figure. “Which is, I think, why you wanted to see me, right, Mr. Nesmith?”

The man chuckled and nodded, motioning her up the stairs. “Yes, yes indeed. I have a…few proposals for you, in fact. Especially with the way you handled that singletail. A switch,am I right?” As he walked between the two women up the stairs, his hand fell with casual grace across Jane’s ass, tapping the bruises there. “Looks like you had some fun at some point in the recent past…care to tell?”

“I could do that,” Jane replied, not reacting to his presumed intimacy at all in spite of Kitten’s glaring from across her husband’s shoulder. “Or I could just show you. I have heard about your legendary paddle on Kitten’s beautiful ass, and…well…” She gave an apparently unconscious wiggle to the curve under his hand, and just as Kitten’s mouth opened in protest, she continued. “Of course, my real fantasy is to be under Kitten’s hand. Or…well…ma’am, if you don’t mind me saying…” As they reached the top of the stairs she looked demurely at the woman, seeming oblivious to the jealous fury filling Kitten’s eyes.

The older woman simply stood there, glaring, until a suggestive throat-clearing from Tony reminded her that a reply was expected. “Oh. Yes, dear.” The word dripped like acid from her lips. “Please, do share with us your true fantasy.”

“Well…” Jane looked demurely at the floor, then up again at Kitten. “Ma’am, you’ve got the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen. I used to get off just imagining tasting you, having my mouth close to your…” she trailed off, looking down in embarrassment, one arm coming up to massage the back of her neck.

Kitten couldn’t help but notice how it lifted her breast on that side, the nipple seeming to quest towards her husband and herself. In spite of her anger, she found herself licking her lips. Then she suddenly shook her head. “Wait a minute! What the fuck is going on here?” She took a step away from the naked woman and her husband, seeming to shake off some sort of glamour that had filled her eyes. “She comes in here and barely introduces herself and suddenly she wants to eat me out? While you paddle her ass? Who does that?” Her hands fluttered agitatedly in Jane’s direction. “Why the fuck are you naked in my house, bitch?”

Jane looked at her with wide eyes, an innocent, wounded sadness welling up in them. “Well, ma’am, I imagine I’m naked for the same reason they are.” She pointed behind the woman to the opposite railing one floor above them in the atrium, where a row of naked and semi-dressed women interspersed with a couple of men watched the three of them with more than a little interest.

Tony noticed them, too, and bellowed out “You aren’t getting paid to eavesdrop you sloppy cunts! Get back in your rooms and make those perverts give us more money!” The crowd scattered with alacrity, and in a chorus of slamming doors the balcony was empty again. He looked at Jane. “Those are our cam girls, little Jane. You think you belong with them?”

“Well…not exactly, Mr. Nesmith.” She smiled at him, just short of an invitation. “I suspect that my abilities are…specialized enough to attract a more erudite and discriminating audience.” Looking at Kitten, she smiled. “And I’m sorry if I presumed, ma’am, but I just figured that like them you’d rather I prove my…abilities.” She smiled again, eyes flicking up to the balcony, and this time there was no mistaking the invitation. “Didn’t any of them get an audition?”

Kitten looked at Jane for a moment more with suspicion, and then, gradually, another expression – not quite predatory, but hungry and cruel nonetheless – came over her face. “Ah. I see. Well…yes, I’m certain we could arrange something, after the appropriate tests are taken care of. Can’t be too careful these days, you know…”

“My most recent AIM test is in my wallet that Schmuckballs has in my pile of clothes,” Jane said promptly, and she seemed to wiggle like a puppy while at the same time standing in place. “I really do have some skills I just would love to show you…” Somehow she managed to plead without whining, and Tony’s eyes now glittered with possessive intent.

“An audition it is, then, shela. Been a while since we’ve had this kind of toy, hasn’t it, Kitten-o-my-heart?” He smiled wickedly at his wife, and she suddenly seemed to acquiesce to her husband’s desire.

“Oh, yes, dear, it will be just like old times…” Looking Jane up and down again, this time with a lascivious gaze, she smiled. “And if the audition goes well, I’m sure we might be able to make each other a nice bit of money, indeed, all the while having lots of fun…” She caught her breath as Jane moved next to her, snuggling her breasts against the larger woman like a smaller version of her namesake.
“I’m sure we will. Though I think, since I’ve already given Mr. Nesmith a ‘screen-test’, this should be more of a work-for-hire deal. I know I would rather we had the cameras rolling, to have something to remember you by…” She smiled and looked at Tony, head not moving from his wife’s bosom. “Shall we say, $1500 for the video, no stills?”

“Um…well…we’ve never really paid for an audition before…” Tony began, but his voice trailed off as he saw his wife’s hand dip towards the golden curls of Jane’s vulva and come away slick with moisture. Looking at the expression on his wife’s face, he realized she wouldn’t brook more negotiation. “$1500 it is. We’ll get you a check mailed just as soon as…”

Janes hand floated up languidly and curled open at his nose. A strip of flexible metal uncurled there, which a moment before had been a ring around her middle finger. There seemed to be writing on it, and looking closer he could just make out a website. “You have a computer in your bedroom, don’t you, Mr. Nesmith? This will be so much more convenient for you and me both, don’t you think?” He took the ring from her, and her hand seemed to float down and brush the bulge in his pinstripe trousers. “Then we can get on to…other things.”

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