Subclavian Massage Technique Works!

This just in: it works!


Thanks for sharing Voron’s massage technique for the box tie.  I was happily suspending a lovely naked woman, last night.  She, foolishly, ignored tingling in he left hand until it was “asleep”.  I applied the massage and she had feeling back, right away!  I took her down and out of the ropes and continued the massage.  Her hand felt “normal” within a minute.

My “rope god” status was elevated by the 3 young, beautiful women in my living room.  All of who, went home to fuck their ropeless boyfriends, not me.  Oh well, I guess I shouldn’t have played down the whole “rope god” thing.

Thanks for all the info you share.  Your podcast riches the rope community.

This email from Kale is referring to the video below (if you missed it the first time). There actually are a couple of more techniques coming down the pipe…I was trying to be all sneaky and release them first on Fetlife to encourage people to support that site but I think I’ll just be putting them out there as part of the Ropecast.

Anyone else try it out and have it work?

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