Strip Psychology

A recent post over at the ever-stimulating Bondage Blog shows a still from one of those “great combinations” – in this case, Asian “pinkku” films with Women-in-Prison genre. As the Ropeguy puts it, it’s time to “Strip the prisoner!”

It puts me in mind of one of the topics I bring up in my Military Style Bondage class (soon to be taught in Paradise, in fact). In particular, when we’re talking about the “handling of prisoners” in a sexual-fantasy kind of way, one of the first ways to establish a heirarchical power dynamic is to strip the prisoner. This feeds on contemporary ideas about nudity implying shame or weakness.

However, we go a little deeper into it when we’re talking about playing military prisoner mind-games. I can’t remember where I read it, so pardon the anecdotal presumption, but the idea is that women and men react to the act of clothes coming off differently. It’s a matter of choice: the idea is that women should be forced to take off their own clothes, thereby instilling a feeling of shameful cooperation with their captors, whereas men should have their clothes forcibly removed to give them a feeling of being powerless to choose either way.

Oh, yeah, she looks REAL intimidated

Obviously this is gross generalization – I can think of a lot of women for whom stripping is an act of power and defiant control of their bodies, who would use an order to “Strip!” as an opportunity to entice and cajole. I can also think of a lot of men who would see the Dionysian attack on their clothes as being an amusing way to get other people to do the work of disrobing for them.

Personally, I take the view when playing prisoner fantasy games that “overwhelming force” is the way to go – not so much a matter of “you can choose whether or not to cooperate!” but more of a “whatever I choose to happen will happen – your cooperation or lack of it is inconsequential.” Male or female, that usually leads to them being a bit off-balance. From there, like most problems, any difficulties can be solved simply by adding more rope.

Or more lube. Or, I suppose, any frightening combination of both.

What do you think? Strip ’em down? Or make them do it for you?

One thought on “Strip Psychology

  • All I’m going to say is, if you force a woman to take off her own clothes you don’t have to worry about not realizing that her bra hooks on the front, then you start jerking on it and the elastic snaps and hits you in the eye and you have to do the rest of the scene squinting like Popeye while she laughs hysterically.

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