N is for Nipple

a-to-z-letters-nWhile this may seem like a pretty obvious and cheap way to fulfill the “sexy subject” challenge, it actually has some personal relevance. Not simply that I enjoy nipples – of all shapes, sizes, colors, textures, etc. I have fond memories of “Perky & Crinkles”, the pet names for a certain partner’s nipples.

I love playing with them for myself but derive much more joy from the stimulation it can give my partner. I’ve had an encounter or two where the person has basically shrugged their shoulders and said “Go to town…” while admitting that they didn’t actually derive much pleasure for themselves from any nipple stimulation. In those situations, I usually will simply forego the lovely little knobs and find out what she does enjoy.

There was one partner who had the most lovely nipples, but didn’t enjoy having them touched at all – “annoying” was, I believe, the term she used. However, we found a happy compromise – she loved having the rest of her breasts touched, stroked, suckled, etc. So as long as I was doing something to the rest of the happy globes, the nipples were enthusiastically invited to the party. In the words of a certain great rocker, “Now that’s fuckin’ teamwork!”

The Story of My Favorite Nipple

However, my favorite nipple story has to do with the framing of a certain nipple. Naiia, who has been a demo bottom for many a class, really pushed through her comfort zone at the Fetish Flea one year by volunteering to be a “human canvas” on which people would write words. These were words that, to her, implied beauty, and by having people write them on her body she was deliberately torturing herself.

Yes, that’s right. For Naiia, calling her a “cum-hungry round-heeled cock-gobbling trollop” will bring a happy grin to her face. Telling her that her “blue-gray eyes in the moonlight piercing through the long dark falls of her lustrous hair silhouetted against the night sky is love made liquid silver” would make her squirm, cringe, and try desperately to find a rock to hide under.

Twisted girl, that Naiia. That’s why I love her.

So one of the words she’d selected to mean “beauty” was “curvaceous.” One of our friends, the brilliant and hot and delightfully pervy Ropeboi chose to use the German translation of the word, which is “kurvenreich.” Apparently, as an added bonus, the word is also synonymous for “torturous.” We loved the way the word looked curving around her nipple, and it became one of my favorite pictures ever:

IMG_0534But Wait…There’s More

A year later, Naiia told me that the next time I saw her, I would have a surprise. In fact, Ropeboi also would have a surprise. Naiia had gone and gotten the word tattooed around her nipple – a process that was short in time, low in needles, thin in line, but so painful it made her cry. In comparison, the much more elaborate, colorful, and time intensive tattoo on her shoulder? Nary a tear.

I’m very wary of “permanent” marks. But it gives me great joy that the experience shared by me and her and Ropeboi has become a permanent decoration on her body:


My Favorite Nipple


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