O is for Orgasm

AtoZChallenge: O is for Orgasm

O is for Orgasm

There has been a huge amount of debate over the female orgasm. Whereas men tend to have only one type, women’s climax comes in two different varieties: vaginal and clitoral. – “The Clitoral Truth”, Vivian Bailey

It was about this point that I had to stop reading the book.

I’m all in favor of the female orgasm, and I’m absolutely on board with the wonders of the female sexual response system. But the author repeatedly insisted on pointing out the superiority of the female anatomy and orgasmic response to the male experience. There’s the favorite, about the number of nerve endings in the clitoris, or the fact that it’s the “only body part designed solely for pleasure.” Clitorii are wonderful, I agree, but since when is a single function superior? My anus serves both a secondary function of eliminating solid waste as well as the primary purpose of being the access point to my prostate. That’s flexibility, baby, and I pity the poor female form that has to deal with just the sensitive nerves around the anus and the hope that whatever’s fucking their ass might reach their G- or A-spot.

P-spots are awesome, but Ms. Bailey doesn’t seem to know that. If she were male, perhaps I would give some credence to her claims. I also understand that the whole approach may have been a response to the patriarchal systemic focus on male pleasure (though I could also have some debates on that). But for a female author to simply declare that men tend to have only one type is, to me, about as accurate as me saying women only get one kind of cramps. Aside from the fact that it would be wrong, how the hell would I know?

So, for the benefit of Vivian and others, here are a few different kinds of orgasm that I, a male, have on a regular basis.

  1. Sneezy-Sleepy: The equivalent of “rubbing one out”, this is a quick explosion of pleasure that triggers a nice endorphin rush that I can ride into sleep. Usually done with my own hand and a randomly picked Literotica story, usually when alone.
  2. Mount Everest: The triumphant finale to a pounding fuck, when I’ve done my best to bruise my hips piledriving into my lover to our mutual satisfaction. In my current physical condition, this usually leaves me a breathless and sweaty mess, and the orgasm is a pleasant, relatively short wave of tingling pleasure centered around my pelvis and thighs, occasionally sending a trickle of pleasure up my spine to the base of my skull.
  3. One Shot, One Thrill: This is when I am trying to aim the ejaculate onto some surface – ass, breast, face – and is usually the result of a lot of oral attention from my partner followed by my hand finishing it off. Usually the focus on trying to aim means that the pleasure is localized to the cock itself, but the mental pleasure of seeing the smile on my partner’s face is what I’m going for anyway.
  4. Leave No Trace: Similar to the above, but my partner takes my cum into her mouth. This leaves me free to enjoy the warmth as well as the unique sensation of someone swallowing around my cock as it is throbbing with orgasm. Still localized, but usually I can feel it not only along my shaft outside my body but also back into my body.
  5. Riding the Waves: Back in the day when I’d spend an afternoon masturbating, I could bring myself to just the edge of orgasm and hover there, giving my cock just enough stimulation to keep me in an almost constant state of “just about to go off…” Finally, when I’d let the orgasm go to full completion, there is a warm, lassitudinous tingle that just flows over me from the neck on down. Laying there afterwards, floating on a cloud of dopamine, is probably the closest to nirvana I’ve ever been.
  6. But Wait There’s More: In my misspent youth, there were many orgasms that would come and go while in the midst of prolonged sexual adventures. They were fun, and I felt them usually from about above my knees up to my sternum. But they weren’t as fun as continuing on to a new position, a new technique, a new discovery. Ah, youth…
  7. Mount St. Helens: When I’m lucky enough to have a capable and willing partner, I can have a prostate-stimulated orgasm, which is absolutely overwhelming. It feels like the top of my head has exploded and every part of my body is enervated. Which is why I really, really pity those males who have decreed their asses are “exit-only.” So much denied pleasure…sad face. At the same time, this is NOT something I could handle all the time.
  8. Timing is Everything- There is something different about an orgasm that happens simultaneously with your partner. Part of it is the physical – the clenching of the vaginal muscles around your shaft at the same time you are pulsing inside of her, the mutual clenching of all the muscles of the body – but there’s more than that. Especially if combined with eye-contact, that kind of orgasm creates a level of connection that is frightening in its raw authenticity. I’m not going to say that simultaneous orgasm is better or worse than any other – but it is definitely different.
  9. Holding Your Licker: Lately my favorite mode of cumming, it’s the sensation of my cock sliding between breasts while my partner’s mouth is doing wonderful things to my balls and ass. The stimulation that is normally reserved for the frenum (tip of the cock) tends to instead be spread from anus to tip with everything in between, and if I’ve got a mouthful of pussy at the same time it is a satisfying feeling from head to toe, though not as intense as a Mt. St. Helens.
  10. The O of No-O: I had a relationship for over a year with a woman who was anorgasmic. She never came, not from masturbation, not from intercourse, not from oral, not from anything. She loved sex, though, and we had a grand time. However, she taught me a very valuable lesson: sometimes the best orgasm is the one you don’t need to have. It’s when you can stop, say “OK, I’m good now” and move on to cuddling, eating, CSI, whatever’s next. Plus, being a male who is NOT attached to the idea of orgasm gives you a means of dominance that can be quite effective.

There you are, Viv. Ten different kinds of orgasm just for me. If you asked me my favorite, I would not be able to tell you – it is variable based on time, mood, partner, and more.

“Usually one type…” Yeah. pshaw. 

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