JanesGuide Likes Me!

I got a really nice holiday gift from Always Aroused Girl: a review on the venerable and respected “Jane’s Guide.” I’d submitted my site a little while ago, and with some trepidation – they give you an honest review, there, and I’ve seen some sites have their flaws really shown.

However, I got both a little lightbulb for “Originality” AND a blue ribbon for Quality, not to mention a nice thumbs-up from AAG herself as a “pick.” And then…well, I could say that I’m too modest to share what she said…but I’m not:

Graydancer is one busy rope-tying dude. Let’s run down a list of his activities, shall we? Graydancer is a blogger, presenter at kinky events across the country, producer of a twice-monthly podcast (now in its fourth year of existence), Twitterer, and novelist. Recently he completed his third novel for NaNoWriMo; the first two are available for purchase on his site. If you’re interested in hiring him as a presenter, check out his impressive list of topics and past presentations, which focus on rope, bondage, kink, power-exchange and communication between partners. He’s happy to discuss new presentation topics as well. If you’re in the mood for something more intense, hire Graydancer for individual instruction in the art of rope bondage or other kinky activities. Want some samples of his work? Check out his large gallery of images, including a particularly fascinating set featuring women bound into the branches of a tree. They say you’ll get the best haircut from the busiest stylist. If this logic can be applied to BDSM experts, then you’ll get the best rope advice from Graydancer. –aag

All I can say is…aw, shucks. Thanks. And wait til you hear about the great Xmas Mindfuck…that story comes tomorrow.

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