The Holidaze Ain’t Over Yet

I’d be really surprised if anyone who reads this blog isn’t already on Fetlife, but in case you’re not, here’s a really good reason to try ’em out: they’re giving away Teh Ultimate Kinky Xmas Stocking. It’s full of important kink gear like a Wartenburg wheel, rope (of course), subscriptions to cool sites like Backdoor Bondage…and also new and exciting devices and toys, like Extreme Restraints*’ new Electrogasm**.

How do you get your hands on that fantastic stocking? How much money, how many naked pics, just how far does your sphincter have to stretch? Why, not far at all, my friend, it’s the holiday season and time for giving. All you need is to send an email to, with your nickname, full name and address and you’re entered in the drawing (taking place on Jan.1).

Yes, I could see being leery of putting your personal id’s into an email to a stranger, much less a large site like FetLife. All I can tell you is, I trust the people involved in FetLife, and even more the people behind the promotion (CatalinaLoves and MarkyDSade)(and of course that God Among Men, the creator of Fetlife, John Baku). So you can decide whether to or not…me, I’m hopin’ for a late delivery from Santa.

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