1st Entry for 2nd Twisted Monk/Ropecast Giveaway

And so it begins: phase two of the $50 Giveaway for Twisted Monk rope. A tragic tale, in my mind, one to rival Kings Christine or even a Hasselhoffian epic.

Whatever your thoughts, it qualifies, and yours could too: pics, movies, interpretive dance or prose…if you dont play, you cant win. And if you dont listen (hint: ropecast.net) , you wont know you won. So get the knuckle to the knot and the pedal to the metal and get that car bondage going!

A fellow once thought about tying up his girl while driving his beloved car
Then he thought how wonderful it would be to tie his girl to his beloved car

Then he thought, fuck his girl, he just wanted to tie up his beloved car.

Las Vegas

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