What You Missed at the Cleveland GRUE

The View Outside the GRUE

Not that I want to make you feel bad; there were plenty of great things happening all over the country this weekend, from BoundInBoston to the NCSF General Meeting in CA. But here at the GRUE , it was another day chock-full of classes that people were passionate about, connected with, and invested in as they created their own curriculum on the spot.

Here’s what we covered:

  • Rope basics: one rope, two knots, three ties.
  • Taboo play: what’s NOT OK, and why we do it anyway
  • Herpes & Cell Popping (some surprising and important stuff in that one)
  • How to deal with “That” Guy (and how not to be him)
  • Making a Rope Dildo (with kudos to Eiskoenigin)
  • Knife Play
  • Cock &all Bondage
  • Rope for Decor (on the body)
  • Kinkbusters! (a la Mythbusters)
  • Kinky & Monogamous: a round-table discussion
  • Using your Bottom as a Swing
  • Face Up Suspension
  • Discussing Gender & Sexuality
  • Face Slapping
  • Suspension for Sex
  • Brainstorming Games for Kinko de Mayo
  • Foot bondage
  • Performing for & with you partner (performance & roleplay in BDSM)
  • Cheap Pervertibles
  • Using Stories to Shape a Scene
  • Needle Play
  • Fire Play
  • Graydancer’s Fishbowl
  • Mother Superior DEMANDS an Audience!

That was our curriculum, and the only thing we didn’t get done was the class on Pressure Points and the class on Pony Play. By the end of the day – well, before – people were falling asleep, happily exhausted from so much FUN! Plus, we raised $155 for Midori’s LifeCycle Fundraiser!

More on all this later…gotta go make some of my World-Famous Cheap-Ass Pancakes!

5 thoughts on “What You Missed at the Cleveland GRUE

  • Had a great time, Gray, glad I finally made it.

    FYI, while perusing my book of knots in the airport (that being the one book I brought to the GRUE I felt comfy reading in public) I learned that the rope dildo technique is also called a Round Crown Sennit. So there ya go.

  • “Herpes & Cell Popping” sounds very interesting, I’d love to hear more about this class. Same for performing and the stories class. Maybe on the next ropecast? 🙂

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