Well written proversions

I’ve known about this for a while, but I finally actually read my friend Monk’s Column on Jane’s Guide. Really entertaining stuff, as I would expect from someone as engaging, well spoken, and affable in person as he is.

Though that does not always translate into good writing, as the previous heinously deviated sentence attests. In his case, it does.

Me, after my last post, I realized that for a sex blog (which this putatively is) I gloss over an awful lot of the naughty bits. So, I think we’re going to instigate a “Porn Tuesday”, when I will make sure that the entries on that day are at the very least raunchy enough to curl the hair of your average Fundie.

The goal is to get a message on Bacchus’ or Rope Guy’s annual sex-blog updates. But they tend to be pretty picky, so it’ll probably take some time to build up to that level of quality.

That’s ok. Great quote from the Burning Man movie that Genevieve and I went to yesterday in Chicago: “All of my failures were simply an extended course of study leading to what I really was meant to do.”

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