Sexy Tuesday

Well, it’s a little late on tuesday for me to write about sexy stuff. I mean, I was going to write about the rehearsal that I had the other day. It was with an on-again, off-again lover, and we’ve been in friendly off-again status for a while.

The plan for the performance is to do an inverted suspension, which calls (in this case) for a pretty elaborate waist harness. As panties tend to make the rope slip, off they came…and about the third time my hand brushed her mons as I drew the rope between her legs, she moved to meet it, pressing against it.

When it was done, she went to look in the mirror. The ropes made diamond frames around her pussy and ass, the curves neatly cut and pressed by the sharp angles and knots. There was a long, lingering kiss of “thank you” after she looked in the mirror…and a bit of a whimper of “Don’t we have better things to do?” when I led her to the suspension frame.

I’ve decided that the closest we’ll ever get to zero-gee sex, that holy grail of sci-fi sex, is rope suspension. It’s not just that when she was suspended, her pussy was not only perfectly positioned and pursed for my lips; it’s not that while I was going down on her, my cock was in her mouth, being sucked and licked through the moans as she came.

No, it’s because when someone is suspended like that, you can put your hand on and in her dripping vulva, and turn her entire body. Imagine that for a moment–having your entire body moved, despite the force of gravity, by your sexual organ. Imagine the stimulation of it, feeling everything you are revolving around that one axis of pleasure.

Kind of neat, eh? She orgasmed quite nicely, and then we were able to take some pictures, as well, for posterity. Click on the image to see some.

Most of my rehearsals are NOT like this at all. Even the ones with current lovers, much last past ones. But…having one like this once in a while? Makes a nice change.

Hmmm. Guess I had time for an erotic entry after all. And it’s still even tuesday.

But what I was going to say was: go look at my minx in Eros Zine. I could say “I’m so proud of her.” I could say “Wow, isn’t she hot? I’m such a stud that I get to fuck her!” I could say, “Why the hell didn’t they link the name ‘Graydancer’ to my blog!?!”

But all I want to say is: I love her.

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