Not all about the rope…

I’ll be talking about it more in the next Rope Weekly, but briefly: during our first scene as actual members of Galleria Domain, Genevieve and I were trying some rope play…and it wasn’t working. She liked the lacing table, but that was kind of rote for me, and when I tried doing what I liked, putting her in a face harness a la Bridgett Harrington, she discovered she didn’t like that. Then, when a couple near us needed help getting the woman out of her spider-web quickly (and kudos to him for having the security in his own skills to know when to ask for help), well, it pretty much took us way, way out of any kind of D/s headspace, something that’s hard enough for us as a married couple to find in the first place.

But you know what? Later on, giggling, we decided to have her lay in the sex swing–a ’70’s era thing, something that my rope snobbery would never have considered, but it was fun…and there was her pussy, right there, and a handy stool nearby, and she had a rest for her legs, and when standing my cock went pretty neatly into her pussy, and pretty soon…well, it wasn’t exactly D/s, but what it was was GOOD.

It’s all about the energy, folks. Sometimes that’s not rope…

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