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The Art of Tying Objects

This reminds me of the time I helped a friend move, and I ended up using this kind of tie to secure a mattress to the top of a car. It’s really useful, as the dynamic tension serves to…never mind. Anyway, the thing is, aside from all the teasing I got, the funniest part was my friend, when we untied it, taking the time to pat the mattress, assure it that it had been a good mattress, that he was very proud of how beautiful the mattress had looked in the ropes. I asked him what the fuck he was doing, and he said “Dude. You’re always going on and on about aftercare. I didn’t want to disappoint.”

Bastard. My friends make me smile.

In other news, I just finished putting my “Hot Bondage” seminar into Spanish, with the help of Babelfish and the Alternative Spanish Dictionary .

Should be good for the amusement of the class. Did you know that the word for “bight” and the word for “breast” are the same? Seno. And this straight from Regina Lynn: “El Bondagero es muy hermoso y tiene manos fuertes.”

…The More You Know…

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