Sean Thomas: Not quite an unbiased observer.

Gah. There are SO MANY things wrong with this article. Not the least of which is the simple fact of “I experimented without bothering to try and learn how to do it properly, and I had a bad experience…so now I’m going to write an True Memoir about it, see?”

” I’m not sure who introduced the kinkiness into our relationship, but we both enjoyed it. After three months we were doing it all: bondage, exhibitionism, pretend rapes, the works.In time, the wildness of our sex life started to corrode our emotional relationship. And so the inevitable happened. Alicia and I found ourselves strangers…”–Sean Thomas

Inevitable? Funny how that works. Not been my experience. I also find it funny that he seems to think that “our forefathers” weren’t having kinky or illicit sex (or reading porn or doing anything, really, that we don’t do now). ONe thing I would agree with: people are tending to lose the meaning behind it.

One of the questions a person asked me last night at the local bondage club in Mexico City was “how do you keep people from becoming bored with BDSM?” After I finished blinking I asked for further clarification, and she explained that people tried BDSM, and then decided it wasn’t that interesting – usually after a class on techniques of tying or the like. What they didn’t do was bother to figure out what they really wanted out of BDSM, and then figure out how to get to it. Instead they learned what people told them was BDSM and then wondered why it didn’t satisfy.

As a BDSM educator, performer, and activist, I’d kind of like to get the chance to ask this guy a few pertinent questions – not the least of which is “Gee, so all those repressed sexual relationships were totally satisfying?”

Again I say, gah!

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