The Joy of Perspective

Today while looking over the entries for the new Sugasm, I came across the Pornsaints site. They take porn icons and transform them – sometimes digitally, sometimes through more traditional means – and turn them into “pornartistic” works. Some of the images I like, some of them I don’t, but I can see them all as art, regardless.

I don’t take photos; I know too many people with better eyes than me to try and put my own head behind a camera. But it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the visual panoply that I create in a rope scene. This gallery of  videos of a scene between Claire Adams and Calico has a lot of fun eyecandy, but let me draw your attention particularly to this video. A look in the eye of a bondage model with Claire AdamsI don’t know who did the camera work, but the perspectives give you an intimate view of the parts of the tie that really interest the rigger, usually – the look in the submissive’s eyes, the way her breath speeds up and catches, the tiny moans and cries like a sensual operetta. You even get a glimpse of Claire sitting back, watching, with that amazing laconic smile that strikes such a frisson of delicious fear in so many people I know.

That’s why we do what we do, folks. Yes, it’s all well and good to have orgasms and endorphins and tight hot flesh straining against the rough ropes…but in the end, it’s the expression on the face that brings the tops and bottoms together again and again.

Claire Adams & Calico

Whipped Ass, from

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