The “Wish You Were Here” Sale

In the most recent Ropecast, aside from great interviews at the Black Phoenix in Philly you will hear me talking about the “Wish You Were Here” sale for my book, Nawashi. Basically, it’s like this: if you ordered the book from Lulu, you’d pay $15 + shipping & handling and get…a book. A good book (“…makes great one-handed reading”) but a book nonetheless.


You can either paypal $15 to, or use the AlertPay button below, and I will pay your S&H, as well as inscribe a clever and witty personal message to whomever you like. See, it’s as if you were right here with me!

Why Should I?

What, my prose isn’t good enough for you? Fine, be that way. Well, I’m trying to raise travel funds to take me to Dark Odyssey. The coffers at the Ropecast are low, and so I’m on a quest to raise funds. If you are going to be at D.O. (or live in the Washington D.C. area) and would like to book me for private instruction, drop me a line. This is also a GREAT time to decide you want to be an individual sponsor for the Ropecast.

Any other ideas, from the sublime to the ridiculous, will be entertained, so please, drop me a line!

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