Me, Lochai, and Bella Rossi

It’s finally here.

Almost two months ago, I got to fly out to sunny California to do some shoots for Chanta Rose and her site, You’ll get to see those shoots, with the amazing Ms. Berlin and the talented Derrick Pierce, sometime soon.

But after I was all done with my work at the Twisted Factory, I was surprised first with a complete tour of the Armory at by my friend Lochai – and then blown away when, spur of the moment, he offered me the chance to rig with him then and there.

What would you have said?

Yeah, that’s what I said, too. Flight schedules be damned. So they fitted me into a jumpsuit, tossed me in the boiler room with Bella Rossi, and we were off to play. I’ll talk more about this in a future ropecast, probably in a “DVD Commentary” style that you can listen to while you actually watch the videos.

I’ve not actually watched them yet; kind of scared to, to be honest. Believe me, anyone who thinks that you ever get beyond edge play has never had to rig in front of the likes of Lochai on a model as beautiful as Bella Rossi.

I will echo something that I mentioned in my podcast about working with Chanta and her team: this kind of work is different than you’d think. It’s hot, yes, but only remotely – it’s work, and I am a performer, doing my best to give Bella a good time, aware of the cameras and the lights and the fact that I seem to have grown eight extra thumbs when I’m tying her up.

But two things occurred to me, at the end of the shoot, as Lochai and I were watching Bella rock herself in the partial-suspension hogtie from orgasm to orgasm.

Bella Rossi in Graydancers hogtie, rocking herself to orgasm.

Bella Rossi in Graydancer's hogtie, rocking herself to orgasm.

One, I’ve had a lot of jobs. I’ve learned to kill as a marine, to heal as an emt, to fleece as an insurance salesman, to geek out as an Apple employee, to be funny as a teacher, to be bored as a data entry slave, all to put food on my table. As such things go, fulfilling a beautiful woman’s fantasies and helping her have multiple orgasms so that other people could watch it and have their own multiple orgasms…well, this is not a bad job to have.

Two, I looked at her there, in that pose you see above, and all the little rope mistakes I’d made throughout the shoot (and believe me, there were lots of them – I plan on having my 40th bday party next month be an MSTK-style viewing of the whole shoot with some friends) all disappeared. Because I looked at her there, and I thought “If I saw that image on the web, I would think that tie was from”

It was the final piece, the completion of the satisfaction I’d felt the night before when, over coffee, Chanta (known for her lack of bullshit) said straight to my face “You’re an exceptional rigger.” It meant that I’d played with the big people and not sucked.

I don’t know if I’ll get out there to rig again, for either company. I certainly hope so. But whether it happens or not, I know I did it, and I did not suck.

Click on any of the links above, or forward this one: and it will send people to my own preview site. And if you have questions about this shoot, or anything else, please email me whenever you like.

Lochai, Bella Rossi, and Graydancer

Lochai, Bella Rossi, and Graydancer

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