The Leap

Last night, as I was trying to get to the Red Umbrella Project, I had spent a bit too long chatting with the charming Arden. So my connection on the subway, from the A line to the B, was pretty tight. Getting off the A line, I ran down the stairs to what I thought was the B line and saw a train right there, doors open.

I ran, doing the traditional grand jete over the threshold, and as the doors closed behind me, I realized I had no idea what train I was on. I hadn’t bothered to look; the door was open, and I just leaped through.

Turned out it was the B, and I made it ok. But there was that moment of thrill, of the unknown, of just going for it.

It was a good reminder for life in general. Sometimes, to get where you wanna go, you just gotta jump.

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