The Ethics of Performance

Just a quick follow-up to some further questions from Amy Gahran about when it may be ethical to withold information from readers.

Damon Pierce & Claire Adams did a suspension performance at the recent Kinky Kollege, and while I didn’t see it, I was surprised by what I heard. Without going into detail, what was described to me would have been dangerous and, to anyone but Claire Adams, highly improbable.

I asked them later, and they clarified what they’d done. It had used a different technique that the spectator hadn’t noticed, a technique that made a lot more sense to me.

Then she said something that made an impression. “I could have done it the other way. It’s really hard, but it’s possible.”

“But there are some things you don’t do in public spaces, out of responsibility for people who might try and copy you.”

I’d have to agree. I’ll admit freely that I don’t practice everything I preach. No, I won’t say what – that kind of defeats the purpose, nu? But in a blog about something that is potentially dangerous as BDSM, it behooves us to be on our best behavior in any situation where others may emulate.

“Kids, don’t try this at home…go over to your friends house & get THEM in trouble!”

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