Aw…shucks…you Michigan folx are so nice…

West Michigan Rope will be hosting the nationally reknowned Graydancer the weekend of December 8 in the Grand Rapids, MI area. Graydancer is the founder and host of the podshow the “Ropecast” which deals with
rope, kinky sex and alternative lifestyles. In addition he is a phenomenal performer and teacher of rope. He has a wonderfully artistic flair as well as a
wicked sadistic side. His presentations are informative, humorous and not to be missed.

He does an origional presentation called the GRUE… Graydancer’s Ropetactic Unconference Extravaganza. The unconference concept is a unique conference set up used in business and he has tailored it to kink groups and rope. This is not to be missed by rope enthusiasts and BDSM people in general. Our event will be the MI-GRUE !

Cost to the community is $25 a person for non WMR members. This is a great opportunity for the entire Indiana/Michigan kink community to come together, learn and enjoy time with this amazing presenter/educator.

This event is a PRE Registration event only. No registrations taken at the door. registration is limited, first come first serve basis. If you have any questions or wish info on registration, locations or where to send money please email us at We are proud to host this
event and look forward to seeing everyone.

Nawa*G, lilj & Master Samos
Founders & Co moderators
West Michigan Rope

Friday December 7 –
7:30 PM Meet and Greet with Graydaner

Saturday December 8 –
9:00 AM – 5:30 PM Classes
(Bring lunch or we can pitch in cash/order out)
Dinner Break
7PM – Play Party

Sunday December 9 –
10:00 AM till noon – Brunch, (price includes brinch)
Decompression & Wrap up

To join West Michigan rope click here:

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